Gamedisk, a plugin but a game


now this might sound wierd, but with the cool stuff of guis, I managed to make a plugin, BUT a game

Keep in mind that it’s in an extremely early stage, and there’s currently only 1 game, so what is your feedback and what should I add? Perhaps a game idea? Maybe ideas for the shop?



thanks for your feedback!

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Btw, why I cant message you, Its says something

oh i turned off my dms, ill turn it on

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I think you can make snake game, like on nokia phone

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i actually think i can! i just need to slap my scripting skills real quick

also i played the snake game on nokia, so ik how it works

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Unfortunately thr next update will be late , sorry for the bad news

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nice , I plays it 3 years ,when I have nokia phone , I will try your plugin when you release it

can you help me on fly script, you can see the post, I cant message you now btw

It’s released, you can try it now, however the only game is the avoid cars game.

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Sure! It’s pretty easy, link the post pls

Give me plugin url I will try it , also this is not my dev account its : jnhbjuhjk

gamedisk - Roblox it’s linked at the top

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massage me I dont want to speak so mush on posts

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I am first one to try your plugin

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okok talk in DMS, we don’t wanna clutter this post