Game/Group Page Custom Links

On the Roblox platform, we currently have no way to direct players of our games to any of our official links, other than the few allowed social media sites via Social Links.

The request:
Add a way for developers to submit Custom Links to be displayed on the Roblox platform to all users (add restrictions based on age & account settings, of course).

  • Custom links should be shown on both the Group & Game pages. Similar to, or alongside Social Links.
  • Custom links should go through a moderation process where the website (both the direct link, and all other pages associated with the domain) is manually reviewed before approval. Perhaps even make developers prove that they have content control over the link they are asking to be displayed on Roblox.
  • Anybody who gets through the manual approval, then changes the content of their website to contain intentionally malicious material should be moderated accordingly.
  • Use cases/examples: Official Merchandise (,,, Support (, Official Wiki/Game Info/Database pages, Update/Blog pages, and more.

“Developers can already send their users to these pages indirectly through Social Links”.

Yes, but we cannot get direct impressions on these links, and a lot of people do not want to sign up to Twitter/Discord/Guilded to further engage with their favourite Roblox game.

“Doesn’t this create extra risk to users/liability to Roblox?”

With the proper restrictions and moderation in place, the liability is placed on the developer and not Roblox - no different than how allowing Twitter or Discord (both of which allow 18+ content) links works now.

With the removal of the Stars Program, developers have been given more freedom to develop and sell their own official products and merchandise, which is fantastic. Marketing these products to all players of our games, is currently impossible. For example, our (relatively large) Discord community has 23,000 members, however our game has over 2.2 million monthly active users. This means a post in our Discord server will only reach a maximum of 1% of our monthly active player base.

The addition of Custom Links will help games and their developers grow significantly- in both game retention & engagement (which is good for Roblox), and monetarily with official products and merchandise.

Thanks for considering!


This feels like it could be a lengthy process for large-websites that may span hundreds of pages?

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Yes, probably. Moderation of the entire website isn’t really necessary, since they clearly can’t do the same for Twitter or Discord links. It’s just an idea on my end on how they could perhaps make it work and reduce risk, but again, probably not necessary.

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I feel like custom links isn’t exactly a valid solution. The moderation that would need to go into this is insane, I think the only thing they need to add is support for shop links, and other popular sites for 17+.

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There is no such thing as a ‘shop link’, authorising certain shopping platforms may be seen as Roblox endorcing such sites and discouraging all the rest, which I doubt Roblox wishes to do, at one point we did have Amazon links however that was because of an official partnership with Amazon.


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