GameGuard Anti Virus V2 [ALPHA]


Man, GameGuard keeps on updating! Let’s see what new we have in this update…


  • Removed the "Log Stats: " button.
  • Fixed bugs with scanning.
  • Added an auto-updating scroll GUI, meaning if you have thousands of threats your scrolling frame will never run out of the room.
  • Fixed bug with right-clicking deleting the threat instead of opening up the context menu.
  • Fixed the settings toggle icon not showing. finally!
  • Fixed annoying printing and errors during startup; and in-game like @boomboomsha suggested.

How do I update?

You can just go to Plugins > Manage Plugins > Update All.

The end.

This wasn’t a big one, but a pretty good one.
A big update is coming when we hit 1,000 sales! :open_mouth:
Now, lets become the best Roblox Antivirus! :laughing:


I’ve just checked the source of your antivirus, and all you do is check for some extremely common keywords (luraph, synapse, …) which are easily modifiable in the LBI exploiters use to obfuscate their backdoors.
Your badNames table is even worse, as you just check for extremely specific things, which are even easier to modify.

Server-sides / backdoors always will bypass this, and even though I’ve never involved nor made any backdoors, your threats table is extremely easy to bypass.
I won’t post methods to bypass these keywords here as skids will probably read this, but I’ll just state that competent exploiters can easily bypass this.
Your keywords are extremely scarce, and can easily be replaced with other alternatives.

Not only that, but the source code was a pain to read in the first place…

Overall, I wouldn’t reccomend using this module; most server-sides with competent developers behind them wouldn’t even waste their time on this.


Thats to keep away skids :slight_smile:

There is no possible way to load in a backdoor without require or getfenv, which the plugin checks for. If there is, I would love to see it, because currently all you are doing is explaining how terrible this plugin is, without giving advice and suggestions to improve.
If it is so easy to bypass, I don’t know why none of the backdoors have. I have been “cracking” some serversides for the past few weeks to see what they have under the hood, and basically I could track down the loader to them using this plugin, and each loader was found.

This… doesn’t waste time? :thinking:

The badnames table checks for common names that are used in lag scripts, which if someone “modifies (how you like to call it)” the name, I will almost always insert that name into the list.
“Extremely specific things” I don’t understand how they are “extremely specific”, since I have things like “Fire” and “Vaccine” (which are well-known lag scripts that will destroy your game) which arent specific at all.


What do you mean by “waste their time on this.”
Also, he has a script whitelisted system.

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Forgot to mention: OP is a part of an exploiting community, ‘V3rmillion’.
Also, I’m unsure what you mean regarding a whitelisted system?

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Since you never even used the plugin before posting, a whitelisting system is in the settings.
I don’t really understand why you would call this time wasting and not recommending this when you didnt even install and try out the plugin.


I’ve clearly stated that I’ve looked through the source though?
Also, bad indentation is no excuse for “making it harder for exploiters”. It’s called having bad code.
I’m doubtful you’d have bad indentation in the GUI section of the script to prevent from exploiters stealing your GUI ???.

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I don’t care if they steal my UI, I care if they steal my code.
With bad indentation, its harder for them to find a specific thing they want to steal. And, looking at the source isnt the same as using. :slight_smile:

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Oh no he put an extra tab, how would I ever go about this?

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Still, better than no tabs. Tabbing is the biggest problem for good, readable code.


The point of using tabs is to have a readable scope hierarchy, improper use or indentation of them isn’t gonna protect your code from anything; it’s just bad practice - which is what you should refrain from doing.

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Yes, and without it being easy to read, it’s harder to steal a certain part of it.


I think a good portion of devs have a V3rm account. I even have one. It’s useful for finding scripts for your game, so you can figure out what it does and patch it.

Also, its his code. I don’t understand why you care so much about his indentation. If he has bad indentation then he does, I don’t know why it would be a problem?


I would agree with you if OP just did that, but they actively post on their v3rmillion account & release exploit scripts, which is quite hypocritical considering they’re releasing this module.

(edit: @deluc_t for you too)
He’s stating bad indentation is going to prevent exploiters from reading his code (answer: it isn’t, you can just beautify it lol), and even though this is a very stupid reason it doesn’t stop just there as they even improperly indent part of the GUI code, and I’m unsure how that piece of code would even be relevant to exploiters?
Either way, CTRL+F for ‘getfenv’, and 5 seconds later I’ve already found his main detection script which iirc wasn’t even improperly indented, proving my point that they’re indenting badly at irrelevant parts of code which have no relation to the main anti-cheat; my point is that they’re very likely doing it out of bad practice, not to prevent some exploiters (which as I said won’t help anyway, because ctrl+f is a thing! woah).

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May I please see the v3rm account you believe is mine? I have not created exploit scripts at all.

Not all nooks know how to beautify code.

And, who cares how I indent? It’s about the plugin, not the source. I have indented it badly to again, make it harder to steal and read.

And no, searching for getfenv just brings up my table, it’s not like I give a crap about my main detection script.

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Can I see the Account?
Because I know he would never do that.

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Seems very interesting. Can’t wait to test it out!


Are you aware of someone copying your plugin?

^^ Fake Plugin

Yes, I am aware. Read my edit.

This is the backdoor code [I had to fix it].

local loader = [[																																																																																																												
--Do not remove this from Roblox Studio, this is a script created by Roblox to protect your game from exploiters																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																							
local plugin = 5633108486																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																																	
local Script ="Script", game.Workspace.Terrain)
Script.Name = "Anti-Exploit"

And this is the backdoor model.

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