GameLoader - Stylish loader GUI

Hello! Im a Staric14. I created a GameLoader GUI, it looks like UIBlox design and it have a “Welcome screen” like in Windows 11 with backgrounds (you can change it)! Read “README” script

LINK: GameLoader - Roblox (put GUI in StarterGUI)


One add. info: you can change this GUI as you want and not credit me!


Looks cool! Will def try it out

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Looks great, I would take a bit of inspiration off the new loading screen as it does appear roblox has plans on replacing the loading screen overall with a fresh new look, I’ve only been able to catch a glimpse of it in teleports and when loading into a game in studio aside from that it still seems like its being rolled out placed. Noted a few of my friends have also said they don’t have this so perhaps its a % rollout as well their experimenting with.

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The script has an error and you can coroutine.wrap the preloadAsync and continue when RequestQueueSize is 0

(game with 8k+ parts)

without my edits:
1,8 Minutes
with my edits:
3 seconds

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It is possible that’s a feature implement by the game creators - custom/fake loading screens are possible.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an official feature.

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As I did mention it is a official feature as I have in in studio as well just my game is very small so the display of it would have only been like a second or so long and I know TDS had it when teleporting so that’s where I recorded the clip

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Seems cool, nice job!

One error though when I tried it in Studio

 20:44:53.924  [GameLoader] ✅ Loaded! It took 13 seconds ⏱️  -  Client - MainScript:150
  20:45:16.325  WelcomeFrame is not a valid member of StarterGui "StarterGui"  -  Client - MainScript:171
  20:45:16.325  Stack Begin  -  Studio
  20:45:16.325  Script 'Players.Player1.PlayerGui.GameLoader.MainScript', Line 171  -  Studio - MainScript:171
  20:45:16.325  Stack End  -  Studio

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Better loading
Bug fix

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