Gamepad / controller bugs with playerscripts

Gamepad / controller bugs with playerscripts

  • follow cam breaks forever if you just touch the right thumbstick

  • hiding and re-enabling player list will cause the playerlist coregui to be selected, which is a separate movement-input-stealing selection from normal selections.
    (A coregui is getting selected which is impossible to manually fix as a developer. This needs to be fixed by someone who can work on coreguis.)

I reported these over a month ago in their own thread & in the playerscripts thread. Here they are updated.

Here’s a repro for both
playerscripts test.rbxl (15.2 KB)
(It will grab the latest playerscripts, so the repro will likely be outdated in the future if these are fixed)

Edit a year later: the second bug is fixed, but the first one isn’t yet

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