Gamepad Deadzone Filtering Module

Hi, I’m releasing my deadzone filtering module.

This can, for example, be used to add a deadzone to an analog input. The thumbsticks on a game controller, or UI thumbsticks on a phone etc. The module is meant for gamepads but it is not limited to these. It takes both Vector3 inputs (from a controller, for example) and standalone number values.

You can use the module for any value range you want, it is not limited to the standard [-1, 1] range. E.g. [0, 1] works too. The deadzone itself is customizable as well.

Modulescript code:

local module = {}

function module:ValueAfterDeadZone(ZoneCenter, MaxRangeEachDirection, DeadZoneRangeEachDirection, Value)
	local min = ZoneCenter + DeadZoneRangeEachDirection
	local max = ZoneCenter + MaxRangeEachDirection
	if (Value > ZoneCenter) and (Value > (ZoneCenter + DeadZoneRangeEachDirection)) then
		return ((Value - min) / (max - min)) * MaxRangeEachDirection + ZoneCenter
	elseif (Value < ZoneCenter) and (Value < (ZoneCenter - DeadZoneRangeEachDirection)) then
		return ZoneCenter - (((((ZoneCenter - (Value - ZoneCenter)) - min) / (max - min)) * MaxRangeEachDirection + ZoneCenter) - ZoneCenter)
	return ZoneCenter

function module:Vector3AfterDeadZone(ZoneCenter, MaxRangeEachDirection, DeadZoneRangeEachDirection, Vector3Value)
	return, MaxRangeEachDirection, DeadZoneRangeEachDirection, Vector3Value.X), module:ValueAfterDeadZone(ZoneCenter, MaxRangeEachDirection, DeadZoneRangeEachDirection, Vector3Value.Y), module:ValueAfterDeadZone(ZoneCenter, MaxRangeEachDirection, DeadZoneRangeEachDirection, Vector3Value.Z))

return module

Example usage (filtering right analog stick movement):

local UserInputService = game:GetService("UserInputService")
local DeadZoneModule = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.DeadZoneProcessor)

local function inputChange(input)
	if input.UserInputType == Enum.UserInputType.Gamepad1 and input.KeyCode == Enum.KeyCode.Thumbstick2 then
		local newGamepadPos = DeadZoneModule:Vector3AfterDeadZone(0, 1, 0.15, input.Position)
		print("Original position:", input.Position)
        print("Position after deadzone:", newGamepadPos)