Gamepad "pointer" idea

Whenever you plug in a gamepad in a roblox game and move your character with the left analog stick it makes your computer mouse disappear and a circle appears slightly above your character. Currently it seems as though it is being used for nothing from what I’ve gathered searching around the wiki and forums. I propose that it could be used as a mouse/pointer for the gamepad. This would make it easier to have weapons in third person as it is a convenient spot for aiming in third person. Currently it seems quite hard to make a custom mouse.hit.p for the gamepad pointer so the only alternatives that I know of are to go first person or lock the mouse in the center by changing the Mouse’s behavior. I would love for the gamepad circle/pointer to be used as a console mouse or at least have the mouse be moved to the circle’s position rather than going invisible and staying where it was left.

So that little white circle should in fact be acting like a mouse/pointer for the gamepad. I have brought this issue up with the engineering team and they are looking into what might be causing this bug. There may be a method that needs calling that isn’t working.