Gamepad scroll movement is buggy when using a ScrollingFrame parented to another ScrollingFrame (with a more specific setup)

Recently I added a couple new GUI options with scrolling to one of my games, and discovered some odd behavior with the Scrolling movement with a gamepad.

The setup looks like this. There is a main scrollingframe, which contains a frame, which itself contains another scrollingframe that is scaled based on the frame’s size.

I use this setup to be able to expand/collapse a list with scrolling functionality (See video), and when I interact with the items in this list the scrolling level of the parent ScrollingFrame goes allover the place causing the selected objects to not always be on the screen: (The hint text below indicates what is selected for when the selection can’t be seen)

I just added these interfaces to the game so I can’t connect it to a specific date. Here is a repro place that reproduces the bug: Scrolling Bug.rbxl (22.1 KB)