Gamepad scrolling breaks with clipsdescendants?

robloxapp-20230915-1727135.wmv (2.6 MB)

It seems that I cannot properly scroll through this scrolling frame using the gamepad when clipsdescendants is enabled (at all), Even though scrolling works perfectly fine using a mouse either dragging, or scrolling with the scrollwheel.

I suspect this is because of the nested layout of the ui.

This behavior also seems to effect uipagelayout.

robloxapp-20230915-1737400.wmv (857.0 KB)

Expected behavior

I would expect the scrolling to continue down to the bottom using a gamepad, regardless of the way the ui is parented within it, or if clipsdescendants is being used.

This is an irritating bug, as I only happened to find out about it after everything was coded in for pc and mobile, and nearly every ui I have in the game uses this layout. Changing the layout, or accounting for a bugged clipsdescendants, is going to take a lot more work than I was hoping for gamepad implementation.

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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when there’s any update on the issue.

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