Gamepad Selection Causing UI Layout to Switch Page

The Problem

I made a backpack system for my project, and it simply doesn’t work correctly when using a Gamepad. When I tried moving onto specific items, it switched pages on the UI Layout and not my page counting system. I have not scripted anything for switching pages by moving the selector, and all of the input properties of the UIPageLayout are set to false.

My goal is to be able to select each item individually without triggering the next page, at least until you press the “Next Page” or “Previous Page” button. It works fine with every other InputType.

I’ve tried:

  • Deleting all button and page scripts in test mode
  • Enabling Input properties
  • Increasing page padding

Anyone got ideas?

Post the code here, or some screenshots of the UI. It makes our jobs easier to understand the problem without having to trying to figure out the code behind.

It’s nothing to do with code. The UIPageLayout literally changes pages when I move the gamepad stick around. I’ll edit this post when I have a gif.