Gamepass icon appears low quality after importing it to Roblox

I’ve recently started making gamepass icons (NOTE: This isn’t an advertisement, it’s a question)
And my icons appear kind of bad quality when importing them to roblox ?
Here’s the gamepass icon before importing it to Roblox:

Here’s the gamepass icon after importing it to Roblox:

Why does it look so bad after importing it?


Likely due to how the image is sized. sizes around 400-420 are best for overall quality. Not too sure about the edges.

Thanks for replying!
I always export them with a width and height of 512x512 - I’ve read that it’s the best size to export with…
That’s what I did - And it still appears low quality

Most of my image related knowledge relates to decals, but I don’t know why gamepass items would be that different. I suppose they just compress them a lot more than decals. If that’s the case then the poor image quality is probably normal, and the difference isn’t all too notable anyway.

I guess roblox does compress them…
How can I avoid the noticeability of the compression
It also happens with circular gamepass icons:

Before importing:

After importing:


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To me it doesn’t look nearly as noticable there, probably because it’s circular and not a jagged shape. If you did want to make the outlines stand out more you could make them thicker, but other than that there isn’t much you can do to avoid compression.

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Ah alright , thanks for the help though!
Have a good one


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