Gamepass images


Since gamepasses aren’t assets anymore, I can’t use MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo to display images of gamepasses in my GUI shop in-game. How can I get images (and maybe even other info) about gamepasses to do this?

MarketplaceService:GetAssetInfo doesn't work on game passes- any alternative?

You can still use GetProductInfo(), you just have to include Enum.InfoType.GamePass

local info = game:GetService('MarketplaceService'):GetProductInfo(GamePassId,Enum.InfoType.GamePass)
local Image = 'rbxassetid://'['IconImageAssetId']

Hope that clears things up. :slight_smile:


This doesn’t work for new game passes last I checked, IconImageAssetId ends up being 0.


Hmph… I tested with a game pass I just uploaded a bit ago and it worked? Very strange… When was the last time you checked?


May 25th.


IconImageAssetId has returned and works fine in studio.


This same issue is being mentioned too many times.


I wasn’t able to do this either, as an alternative I had to upload them as decals and display them in my scrolling frame UI instead.


Yep, thinking that’s what I’m gonna have to do


As long as your UI works and allows you to purchase gamepasses while in game, which you can do by making them decals, it should be fine.