Gamepass picture changed days ago - still old picture on PromptGamePassPurchase

I have changed the picture of my gamepass a few days ago from the configure page.
This gif showcasing the bug happened every time I clicked my GUI that uses PromptGamePassPurchase. This gif was recorded in a live server.

(this gif is 1 time)

Steps: There’s bugs with this entire process of creating a place specifically to test this bug.

It was loaded on the website while being a white background in play solo.

The general guideline would be:
Create gamepass with Picture1. Wait for pending. Prompt gamepass purchase and see picture as Picture1. Change picture to Picture2. Wait for pending. Prompt gamepass purchase and check to see if picture during prompt purchase is Picture1 or Picture2. Expected behavior is it is Picture2. Given my gif above, this bug has the actual behavior as Picture1.

This bug is happening to me at this place on main Roblox here

I do not know when this started happening, but I changed the gamepass picture on the 28th of December 2018.


I could be mistaken, but doesn’t Roblox sometimes take time to fetch the newer asset thumbnail in servers?

It can be outdated with player thumbnails.

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Still happening

This is very important as it is my wish as the developer to have had this gamepass picture changed to a better one to possibly increase sales due to the quality jump of the picture

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This is still an issue for my gamepass pictures, even on a different user on a different device, meaning this is what everyone playing my game sees.

Just saw this - tried it for myself. We updated all of our gamepass icons when we launched the Pizza Party event (over a week ago) and in game they’re still not updated even though it’s supposed to. It used to work fine before.

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Hey can you post a link to the badge asset that is not loading correctly.

One of several things is happening:

  1. Client is not checking the most current version of the asset before loading the old one from local cache
  2. Web is lying about the most current version of the asset
  3. The new version of the asset is moderated, possible causing interaction with 1.
  4. Web is serving the wrong image as the most recent asset
  5. Cache invalidation between web servers is broken, not likely due to the how long ago this asset was updated.

4 would probably the the scariest.

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The gamepass used in the gif and that I just tested before bringing up this topic again, is this

So I’ll say this on mine.

When we uploaded the new icons and were in our test place I original thought it was simply an issue of just not loading yet.

Having not actually checked my shop UI since pushing the live update I was unaware that the in game gamepass icons were still not updated.

Every one is cleared through moderation.
I tried clearing my local cache - no luck.
No clue about any of your other points but I think those may be out of my control.

It’s not only 1 or 2 games, I heard that Roayle High upgraded their gamepass icons, and I went in to see.

I hit a gamepass that said it was offsale, so then the purchase gamepass icon for all the next gamepasses I prompted were the same offsale icon

The gamepass’s real icon can be seen here

2 Likes gives me a file that Windows photo viewer does not recognize as a .png file when I try to open it locally (after adding a file extension).

It’s possible but not likely that Roblox has changed the image transcode format to not be pngs.

Something really funny is happening here.

Not like “haha” funny though.
… … … … … …

Here’s a few of mine:

Just to see if you receive the same result.

Ah. Game passes are actually xml.

Looking at,


I get:

<roblox xmlns:xmime="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="" version="4">
  <Item class="ShirtGraphic" referent="RBX0">
      <Content name="Graphic">
      <string name="Name">Shirt Graphic</string>
      <bool name="archivable">true</bool>

Here it gets weird. If I request, I get:


Which is not your image at all. I get the same thing with

So something about this asset’s record looks like it is corrupted. Scary. Hopefully it is just a bug in gamepass upload. It’s weird that the xml thinks we are looking at a ShirtGraphic. I’m not really sure what that is, but it doesn’t sound like a gamepass.

@buildthomas can you move this to Web Bugs so that it can be properly triaged? Thanks!

Note to whomever is assigned to fix this - there should be a database record that ties the game pass asset to the underlying image asset for the purposes of gamepass/image moderation. A good first step would be to make sure that this image assetid matches what is in the xml. Also, it occurred to me that maybe Game Passes are not assets, which would be odd, but if so, makes the above analysis useless.

I wrote this code originally, maybe it’s my fault.


Just want to clarify that these aren’t badges but are gamepasses.

That being said, as @TheAmazeman showed above, this doesn’t seem to be isolated to only a few recent uploads.

Good catch. It’s late. Updated.

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Bumping this up as the new gamepass images still fail to show - this is impacting my in game revenue as the previous version were not of a good quality image.

Why is this still happening after being reported on consistently for 5 months and being a big deal for gamepass/dev product “buy through rates”?

Apologies for the long response time, engineering will start looking into this issue now.