Gamepass picture changed days ago - still old picture on PromptGamePassPurchase


I have changed the picture of my gamepass a few days ago from the configure page.
This gif showcasing the bug happened every time I clicked my GUI that uses PromptGamePassPurchase. This gif was recorded in a live server.

(this gif is 1 time)

Steps: There’s bugs with this entire process of creating a place specifically to test this bug.

It was loaded on the website while being a white background in play solo.

The general guideline would be:
Create gamepass with Picture1. Wait for pending. Prompt gamepass purchase and see picture as Picture1. Change picture to Picture2. Wait for pending. Prompt gamepass purchase and check to see if picture during prompt purchase is Picture1 or Picture2. Expected behavior is it is Picture2. Given my gif above, this bug has the actual behavior as Picture1.

This bug is happening to me at this place on main Roblox here

I do not know when this started happening, but I changed the gamepass picture on the 28th of December 2018.


I could be mistaken, but doesn’t Roblox sometimes take time to fetch the newer asset thumbnail in servers?

It can be outdated with player thumbnails.


Still happening

This is very important as it is my wish as the developer to have had this gamepass picture changed to a better one to possibly increase sales due to the quality jump of the picture