Gamepass problem

Hi there! I had made a deal with someone for 10k robuxs. He paid and showed me proof on a call. But the robux never came to my pending funds? I wondering why this happened.

I need feedback ASAP, thank you!

This doesn’t belong in scripting support, also, if the game is under a group, it will go to the group, if it’s under your account, it will go into your pending robux. So, either

  1. he completely inspected it
  2. it hasn’t entered into pending funds yet.
  3. it is in the group’s pending funds (if it is under a group)
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First off all. I know what gamepass it is, and it wasn’t under my group. I would appreciate it if you could give feedback instead of ruining the whole topic.

I gave plenty of feedback, and it’s not ruining the topic, it’s being real. I have been scammed plenty of times and have learned my lesson by now. Also, I pointed out 3 things that could’ve happened, it could’ve just not have entered into your pending funds, or he completely scammed you, don’t tell someone off because they give you good advice.
If you truly believe he did not scam you, wait for a while and check your pending robux later.

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Could you link the game pass details page?