GamePass Prompt keeps popping up after purchase in Studio

ddoes anyone have an idea why my purchase prompt keeps popping up? i print the table and my name comes back.

i’m using remote function for table and table.find/ table.insert

what should happen is after purchcase their name gets put into the table (which it does) but the local script keeps activating the gamepass prompt.

if not table.find(purchased_names, character) then
		local gui = player:FindFirstChild("PlayerGui").resize
		gui.handler.Visible = true

this is at the top of the local

local purchased_names = checkIfPurchased:InvokeServer()

Did you try to check for the players in game?


local plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer

yeah i made those variables. is that what u mean

got this error

  local purchased_names = checkIfPurchased:InvokeServer(:1: Expected identifier when parsing expression, got <eof> 

Are you returning a table from the InvokeServer?

yeah i’m returning a table being made on server

andd the local isn’t getting any of that information

Can you provide a full local script, its to hard to help you with only cut outs from your script.

did you get my dms i do not want to share script public.

Instead of inserting the players character into the table, insert their UserId and look for their UserId.

  UserID is not a valid member of Player "Players.itscrockpot" 

didnt work but dont think it should matter wat i put in table long as it’s unique to every player. im just trying to finger out how to send it bak to local or why in the table keeps showing up blank

You must have a Lowercase d not D

E.g. UserId

gotchu. so i needed a remote event to update the table.

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needed a remote event to update the table for the local script