Gamepass purchase prompt window shows wrong thumbnail

The thumbnail on the purchase prompt does not update when PromptGamePassPurchase was used. If no previous purchase was prompted, it’s blank; If I previously prompted a product purchase, it still shows the thumbnail of that product.

“Premium hoverboard” is a gamepass on my game, this is the result for prompting to purchase it after prompting for another dev product, “5 points”, as it can be seen in the thumbnail.

Reproduce: Use MarketplaceService:PromptGamePassPurchase before and after prompting for a developer product purchase to view the different scenarios.

Maybe this helps:

Yeah, I’ve seen that. Doesn’t change the fact that the thumbnail is not updated properly upon prompt.

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I’m having a very similar issue in my game. The thumbnail is completely invisible and instead of saying “Game pass” it says “product”. Whenever I prompt the user (using PromptGamePassPurchase) in a test server or the live game to buy the pass, it gives me this:image
Here’s the url to the “non-existant gamepass”: dopnt use - Roblox

Whenever you do buy this, it doesn’t fire the PromptGamePassPurchaseFinished event that I have connected 2 times on the server side (neither of the 2 fire). In play solo mode, it works perfectly fine.

Also, PlayerHasPass doesn’t detect that the player has the pass…

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FYI, we are actively looking into this. Will update when I can

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I’ve checked a fix in for this issue, ETA for shipping is around a week or so


Will the fix also include not allowing buying the same game pass more than once?


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Unfortunately it looks like the fix will go out on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning of next week. Sorry for the delay


This fix should be out for new clients and servers (those running version 337)

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