Gamepass Purchase When Prompt Isn't Visible

When the purchase prompt for a gamepass or product is up, if you press ‘B’ to close it and press ‘A’ before the Tween to the top is done, it purchases the gamepass even though you already tried to close the prompt. This is a problem if you decide you don’t want to buy a product and try using the game’s menu too quickly to try to do something else with the A button.

I think as soon as you press ‘B’ on the popup, it shouldn’t have ‘A’ bound to it anymore. As far as I can tell this happens consistently, I just tested it today. Here’s an example place I made:

Not exactly sure when it started happening, but I have a video from around November of it happening below.

This has happened to users in Zombie Rush and someone was able to capture it right after it happens, here’s Zombie Rush:

And here’s the video of it happening:

The buy prompt was clearly off screen for them so you shouldn’t be expected to wait a second after it’s already gone to be able to keep using the menu.