Gamepasses not showing on place page

I have 10 gamepasses on Heist. All of them were showing up fine yesterday. I woke up this morning, and I have numerous messages that the ‘double XP’ and ‘double Cash’ gamepasses were gone, and people were calling me a scammer for it. They are still on-sale, but they aren’t showing up on the game page. Here’s an image to show what’s going on:

It appears as if there is a slot for them, but they just aren’t showing up, unfortunately. Is this happening to anyone else’s games? Like I said, this happened overnight with no editing on my part. Some of the passes (Like the customization pack and Golden Grin gamepass) are also showing up larger than the other ones.

EDIT: I was able to fix this by shortening the title of “Outlaw Customization Pack” to only take up one line. Same with “Golden Grin Casino Map”, which became “Golden Grin Casino”. The format, as others have pointed out, leads gamepasses with larger than one line of text to ‘bump’ the other gamepasses out. You can easily see this through the image above, how the two aforementioned gamepasses take up more space than the one-lined titled ones.

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Looks like the whole sites formatting may be messed up somehow.

It’s because the one card is taller than the others, which messed up the formatting. The items are still there, they are just not displayed correctly

When I manually shorten the title of the “Outlaw Customization Pack”, it is the “correct” layout again:

As a temporary fix, if this is causing you that many issues, you could consider shortening the titles of that one and the “Golden Grin Casino Map” one.

Yeah, they seem to have changed some fonts/other formatting settings on the site. It’s also caused a number of other areas to look screwed up (misaligned elements, empty spaces, and inconsistent padding around text). Not sure why the changes were unable to be tested beforehand.

Thanks for the help, I’ll temporarily change the name. Should be fixed though.

Please fix this.

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Happening at this game, Zombiecon Anniversary, also:

Was also messaged about this by players, so players are indeed concerned about it, maybe they were saving to buy some D:

Gamepasses supposed to show there:
ARSENAL Appreciation
Gun Pack Savior
Cluster Bomb Unlock
Sticky Mine Unlock
BoomBlasters Unlock
Gun Pack Escalate
[not showing] Gun Pack Million
[not showing] Gun Pack Champion
[not showing] Gun Pack Journey

If you shorten the titles so they fit in one line, you won’t have this problem, it’s a temporary fix.

I noticed that some of your game passes have a price in the title which seems like you could temporarily remove it.

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ty, I fixed it, but then I realized I destroyed a live case where this bug happened. A repro. So I reversed for the debuggers to see.