game.PlaceId=0 for clients in studio test local server

Reproduction Steps

In studio, start a test local server with 1 client. On the client, enter print(game.PlaceId) in the command bar. The output is 0.

This happens on my published experience (Experience ID=4153755477)

Screenshot 2023-02-17 at 15.17.27

Expected Behavior

The output should be the correct PlaceId. This only happens on the client side, not the server side.

Actual Behavior

Calling game.PlaceId returns 0

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly


Does this issue happen in-game or only in testing? I use game.PlaceId using the client a lot! Has it always been like this? :thinking:

Can confirm same thing happens with me.

Could it be because it’s a local server, so the placeId is defaulted to 0 because no other place exists in that local world?

This would probably be a problem if you were dealing with teleportation (although you cannot teleport in studio), or other things like that, I’m guessing?

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Is the experience you’re viewing published? I’m not able to reproduce this myself with my own experiences. However, when I’m just viewing a file saved on my PC it outputs 0, but this would be normal cause a file saved to your PC wouldn’t have a PlaceID. When editing an experience I have published it outputs the ID of the place in question.

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If the game is unpublished, this is normal and expected. If the game is published however, just ignore me.
(It’s not specified in the post so it’s worth noting)

Worth noting that game.CreatorId and game.PlaceId also tend to not update until a restart after publishing, this has been a ln issue with the engine ever since Roblox started and could be striking here, although I doubt it.

It is published. The Experience ID is 4153755477. (Create a Cart Ride [Alpha] - Roblox)

It happens only in testing, not in-game.

Then it isn’t that big of a deal but can be annoying. Hopefully Roblox fixes this! :smile:

Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


That’s probably why you’re not able to do that.

Though, this makes me think that maybe SetPlaceId might have a different effect?

I set it to 1818.

Nope, no effect. It stays at 0 on the client.

On the server:

Still occurring for me. I got so confused as to why one of my clients with new data was completely broken, but the other was fine. Turns out for the first client (UserId: -1), game.PlaceId returns 0, where for the second client (UserId: -2), it was just fine?



Pretty annoying as I rely on this value for my game to work, since it relies on lots of data associated with the place it’s in. This currently renders Local Server test almost useless for games like mine.

My universe id: 621378811

This is also happening to me as well.

This issue is still occurring. Just found out the hard way after spending several hours trying to figure out why client-code wasn’t working as expected.

Please can we get a fix for this asap? This subtle bug is causing a lot of pain.

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This issue was fixed a while ago as a side-effect of some other work. Closing as fixed. Thanks.

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