Gameplay Trailer - CyberLife (+ Open Alpha Testing)

Participate in open alpha testing, and get a signed letter of recommendation for QA:

The testing will begin this Saturday (4/22/2023) at 12 PM EST. To get the letter of recommendation, you will need to join the testing within 10 minutes after it begins, and stay in-game at least 20 minutes.

You are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions, but it is not a requirement, you will get the same letter of recommendation regardless of provided feedback. This is done, so that feedback is not foced out of you, and comes naturally if it does.

Testing will be conducted in our discord server (Join with the link in the video description).

Game Link (Game is not playable yet) - CyberLife - Roblox


the trailer looks kind of bland and honestly not very well made, it looks like you just put some NPCs into studio and pressed the run button. It would be better if you got actual people or had a much more smoothed camera


Not everybody has access to dozens of people sitting around, waiting to participate in a trailer.

honest opinion the trailer sucks, and from the trailer alone it looks very much like a boring rp game with a general map. Also the tts is making me go insane.

my recommendation:

  • Remove the name plates and remove the roblox ui in the trailer
  • Better transitions please
  • the camera needs to be smoother, even on the second scene the camera sucked, try using camera parts and tweening maybe?

of course this is my own opinion, do what you want ig


if the game is interesting I bet plenty of people would like to beta test for it allowing you to get actual gameplay

Iā€™m sorry but the TTS, slow pace, and weird scuffed camera movement make this feel more like a 2005 online game gimmick than a Roblox game meant for kids.
You gotta work on the trailer some more, it is completely unappealing by Gen Z standards.