Game.Player.MaxPlayers always returns 12

put this in a script, publish it, change max players to whatever you want

print("Max Players:",game.Players.MaxPlayers)

for my game with a max player limit of 32, it always returns 12, meaning it’s short of generating 20 plot spaces. It’s easy to work around but I would like my game to be dynamic if I decide 32 is too laggy or if I decide I can push it a couple extra players.

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Should be recategorized as a Studio Bug since it works fine in the client, but I do notice that it reads 12 in Studio editing.

I thought Client pertained to anything outside of studio, aka if it’s broken in a published game this is where it goes

But this is only occurring in Studio, I ran some tests in my games where the MaxPlayer was not 12 and it returned the true number. In Studio, however, I can see that the MaxPlayers reads 12.

For me it’s happening in both?

Should both post your operating systems.

Good point, I’m on Windows 10