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About Me

Hello Developers!
My name is Gamer_kw0yt, I have been on roblox for nearly 5 years and I am 14 years old. I am capable of doing rig GFXes, editing the GFXes with photo-editing software and mostly scripting to do with a single model, fairly simple looking group logos and a very professional looking advert for a group.

Past work

Please take a look at my past work.
Notice: The watermarks are here only for the showcase, your order will not include the watermark.

Uniform Giver

Automatic uniform giver, which removes all accessories, adds a uniform onto the player depending on their rank in the group and gives them an appropriate hat to match their rank. The script is entirely made by me. However, the model and uniforms are not. Here is an example:

Professional Army Advert

Army thumbnails

All kinds of rig GFXes

Highest quality, proudest GFXes

Queens Guard portfolio


Prices are pretty negotiable, they depend on the project itself and its complexity.
They are usually around this price:

Product Price
Transparent background GFX 50R$
Fully rendered GFX with background 60R$
Fully rendered GFX group logo 70R$
Rendered GFX Group Advertisement 80R$

Scripting commissions, since they are going to be usually a single model or a small project, they will go from 50 robux - 200 robux.

I’ll accept group funds or dev products! If you decide to use dev products, then you will use the myPod hub service.

Previous Customers


If you would like to contact OganoPhantom with more info about me, please do so by using the following discord tag: OganoPhantom#2159


If you would like to contact iiexstella with more info about me, please do so by using the following discord tag: liv;#6783


If you would like to contact uhJakeDev with more info about me, please do so by using the following discord tag: uhJakeDev#6172


My preferred way of contact is through discord, my tag is: Gamer kw#1647
You may also private message me here on the developer forum.

Thanks a lot!

Did you render your GFX in blender?

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Looks good but what does the candy have to do with Army?

The GFX I made of my character isn’t linked with the army, it’s under the tab ‘All kinds of GFXes’. Sorry if I confused you.

Yes I do! I render them first and then add shadows and put it all together in photoshop.