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The following are the moderation rules for the Gamers Republic |GR| Roblox Group. Additional rules can be found when you join our official Discord server. Please note that these rules can be extended to our Discord server as well.

Please abide by the ROBLOX Community Rules.

We moderate all content posted by users to keep the discussion flowing and to remove any offensive material.

Moderation is designed to keep users, moderators, and third-parties safe from malicious, inflammatory and illegal materials.

The Gamers Republic |GR| Roblox Group is moderated by independent moderators.

The moderator’s role in the moderation of the group is to ensure that contributions are reviewed and assessed impartially according to the rules outlined below.

Comments which do not adhere to the moderation rules will be removed and you may not be necessarily notified.

Repeated, flagrant disregard of the moderation rules may result in the imposition of sanctions as listed below.

Published on the official Discord server on August 14, 2020.
Published on the Roblox Developer Forum on August 16, 2020.

Username Rules

Usernames are approved per the username rules set out below:

  1. Usernames should not be defamatory, obscene or include language which could be deemed offensive. This includes the creative use of characters and symbols to hide explicit content.

  2. Users must not masquerade as other members of the public or as moderators. If you are found to be impersonating someone else you will face certain sanctions.

  3. Usernames must not be a URL or web address.

  4. Using your username for activism purposes is acceptable as long as it does not breach any of the mentioned rules.


Every comment is valued for its content. This group allows everyone to have a say and it brings out many different ideas and viewpoints.

A single comment may have as much influence as 10 comments if the idea is a good one.

To play a positive part in the discussion and to give your views maximum impact, we encourage you to follow the etiquette guide below:

  1. It’s a good idea to read through all information presented and other users’ comments before getting involved in the discussion yourself.

  2. Always respect the views of other users even if they disagree with you.

  3. Be constructive. It’s okay to disagree with other users. Debate is encouraged, as long as it is positive.

  4. Always keep things civil. We recognise that this can be difficult at times, especially when you are passionate about an issue. However, it is important to keep the discussion focused on the issues rather than letting it deteriorate into personal insults.

  5. Once you have left your comment, keep an eye on the discussion to see what other people have to say.

  6. If you feel that someone has insulted you, report their comment to a moderator. Do not perpetuate the dispute. The moderator will take a look at the offending comment and decide accordingly.

  7. Ensure comments seek to address the topic or focus of the engagement activity at hand. Users who intentionally distract from or ignore the discussion topic may have their comments treated as off-topic and removed.

  8. Turn off the “CAPS LOCK”. Writing in ALL CAPS is the equivalent of SHOUTING and can offend others.

  9. Do not be a “troll”. Trolls intentionally incite annoyance or offence. They do not participate constructively in the discussion and do not add any value to the debate.

  10. Do not bully, harass or threaten other users. If another user proffers an opinion that you don’t agree with, you have no right to demand that they support their position with a detailed argument. They do not have to respond to your questions. It is up to each individual to participate in the discussion as much or as little as they wish.

  11. Please respect the moderators. Their job is to keep the group safe and constructive so that everybody gets to have his or her fair say.

  12. Try to avoid using acronyms or ‘text talk’. By sticking to plain English, more people will understand the points you are trying to make.

Moderation Rules

All public-facing contributions - that is, contributions that can be seen by other users - are moderated per the moderation rules set out below:

  1. Never post personal information about another user. This includes identifying an individual by their real name, if they have not already done so, or providing personal contact information.

  2. Do not defame anyone or any organisation. A comment is defamatory if it lowers or harms the reputation of a person or organisation. If you wish to insult anyone, this is not the place to do it. If you wish to accuse anyone of wrongdoing or incompetence, this is not the place to do it.

  3. Do not post anything that could be considered intolerant of a person’s race, colour, culture, appearance, gender, ancestry, genetic information, sexual preference, religion or age.

  4. Do not be obscene and do not use foul language. Disguising swear words by deliberately misspelling them does not make them any less offensive.

  5. Do not personally insult or harass other users. Always focus on the logic of the argument rather than the individuals involved in the argument. Users are entitled to choose not to enter into debate with you.

  6. Do not post or link any inappropriate, offensive or illegal material. Inappropriate content is anything that may offend others or is not relevant to the discussion.

  7. Don’t promote self-harm, suicide, violence or criminal activity of any kind.

  8. The use of emojis or images to convey inappropriate meaning consistent with the rules outlined above will also be moderated.

  9. Do not post any advertisements, however much you believe in the service or product.

  10. Do not complain about the moderation on the group.

General Sanctions

Breaches of the moderation rules will be dealt with as follows:

Removal of comment – any comment that, in the view of the moderator, breaches the rules, will be removed.

Temporary Suspension – a user who repeatedly and flagrantly flouts the moderation rules may be suspended from access to certain privileges. The period will reflect both the severity and consistency of the breach.

Permanent Blocking – a user who continues to violate the moderation rules following reinstatement after a period of suspension may have their access to the group permanently blocked.

Immediate Blocking – a user who posts or links inappropriate, offensive or illegal material will be immediately removed from the group.

Username Sanctions

If you breach any of the above username rules upon joining the group one or more of the following will occur:

Temporary Suspension - a user who repeatedly and flagrantly changes their username in breach of the above rules may be suspended from access to the server for a certain period. The period will reflect both the severity and consistency of the breach. The user will be reported to the consulting owner and moderators.

Permanent Blocking - a user who continues to violate the username rules following reinstatement after a period of suspension may have their access to the group permanently blocked.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my comment is removed?

If you post something on the group which is removed by our moderators, you may not necessarily receive a notification informing you of the decision. In the case that you are notified, you will be informed as to which of the moderation rules you are in breach of and asked to review and resubmit your contribution.

What if I disagree with a moderation decision?

If you disagree with a moderation decision you can get in touch with any one or more of our moderators for support. While the final moderation decision lies with our moderators, you may indicate to us why you think your contribution should be accepted. In some instances, you will be referred to the owner of the group for a final decision.

Can the owner remove my comment just because they don’t like it?

All comments moderated by our moderators are done so per the moderation rules outlined above. The owner of the group, however, reserves the right to request a contribution be moderated if they feel it is in breach of these moderation rules. This may also be extended to remove the comment if necessary. In this instance, you will receive a notification.

Can I report a comment anonymously?

If you feel a username, comment or contribution on the group is in breach of the rules outlined on this page, you are within your right to alert our moderators. Simply contact any one or more of our moderators regarding the comment which you believe needs to be escalated to our moderation team. Alerting a moderator will not reveal your identity to the person who posted the comment and you will remain anonymous.

How does moderation deal with comments which suggest a person is at risk of harming themselves or others?

Comments which mention or promote this behaviour will be removed and escalated for further review and passed on to the owner for further action. Any further action will be at the discretion of the owner. If you or anyone else notice comments of this nature, please alert our moderators and the owner immediately.

What personally identifiable information about me can the moderators access?

Moderators do not have access to user information stored by the owner of this server. Moderators are only able to view a user’s publicly visible username and their text or image-based contributions for the express purposes of moderating those elements.

Thank you very much.
Please make sure you read and understand the rules.