Games API (v1) universeIds=ID not working

GET /v1/games
Is this API still supported or bugged, or any alternative way to get the total amount of players in a universe?

For me it always returns with "data": []

You can use the messaging service or datastores.

I would go with the messaging service as you can simply put a request to all other servers to send in their player count. However datastores cant really be prompted across servers as to when to save data.

A basis for this concept:

  • Send A Request To Send Data To All Servers
  • Servers Check The Request And Return Their JobID And PlayerCount
  • Server That Sent The Request Collects All The Data

– Formatting Draft
Sending Request - “JobID;RequestPlayerCount”
Returning Data - “JobID;PlayerCountReport;7” – 7 Would be number of players here
Collecting Data - (Also used to check request type)

if Msg.Split(Data,";")[2] == "PlayerCountReport" then
   -- Add To Table

On a side note usually I prefer to avoid going through some of the APIs as it isn’t uncommon to a API to have a fundamental flaw and they can also change when updates roll out.