Games aren't seen on games + home page

Well, website is down as the home page doesn’t display games, neither does the games page, and the avatar shop is a tad-bit laggy at the moment, was going to test out a game of mine. :question:

How to reproduce:

  • Open up a browser.
  • Go to
  • Head to home, games, or avatar shop.


Having the same issue!

Looks fixed!


Having the same problem. For me the issues began when the endpoint for changing roblox group roles was disabled since there’s currently a security vulnerability there.
Edit: I think everything’s fixed for me now. Continue Playing category is back, games page works again, etc.


Same issue + some games display 0 players playing despite it not being the case.

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All games I have seen display 0 concurrent players, even if they don’t. They also won’t show servers

Looks like they are aware of the issue!

Edit: Looks fixed for me.

I have the same problem but also the icons of the side bar disappeared.

Edit: It was fixed but the sidebar icons are still not loading in.

Edit 2: Sidebar icons loaded, everything fixed for me.

Group games seem to load after a while, yet show 0 concurrent players active.

Edit: Looks like it’s fixed on my end

Hello @loueque

Im Pretty sure that the cause of the problem is related to this too

Roblox is already aware of the problem, and it should fix it soon.

However right now I think roblox is going to announce the problem on their page

stay updated on

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Everyone had this issue, I thought BTR was acting strange so I turned it off and refreshed the page and it still broken. I believe they are still resolving it tho because several content is still broken for me

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There has been a site wide issue and the engineers are actively looking into this. Hopefully it will be fixed shortly. If more info becomes available i will post it here.



Resolution reported by, should just wait to check if this is successful.


This issue has been resolved. Thanks to everyone who reported on this issue.

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