Games Failing Out of Nowhere (Read The Solution)

:red_circle: Hello everyone! I have been feeling terrible about how Roblox handles game recommendations. (As I believe this is the issue with games getting popularity and then dying after a month). I will be using my survival game as an example for this and then mention some games that I have seen with the same issue.

This is not intended to be a discussion about games failing, I truly need help with knowing what is causing this issue, mainly in my game.

In 2020 or 2021 I made a post stating “Is my game underrated or is it bad?”, the solutions provided in it did help a bit. (I flagged the old post for removal though)

:yellow_circle: The Lost Land: A survival game where you have to find resources to survive and progress. Your main objective is to get the best ore in the game and get max level.

Link: The Lost Land - Roblox

What can you do in this game?

  • You can find food and cook. The game offers you a Campfire, Grill, Oven, Blender, and a Cooking Pot which allows making many kinds of food. (Pizza, Bread, Soup, Pies, Juices, Cupcakes, Cakes, etc…)
  • You can craft tools to make your life easier at the time of cutting down trees, mining ores, attacking creatures, and more.
  • You can build structures and there is a great variety of buildings. (Your buildings save only in Solo and Private servers)
  • You can ride animals using the saddle. (Horses, Scorpions, Spiders, Dragons, Dinosaurs, and Elephants).
  • You can have pets using the rope. (Allows you to catch animals)
  • You can hire workers and they will work for you. (Farmer, Lumberjack, Miner, Collector, and Defender)
  • You can craft Armor to protect yourself or even have certain abilities.
  • Survive disasters. (Thunderstorm, Earthquake, Meteor Storm, Eclipse, Tornado, Fog, and Volcano Eruption)
  • Explore ancient structures and caves. There are puzzles all around that you have to solve to open doors. (When you get nearby to something important a hint pops up to help you)

Some Game Stats:

  • Average Session Time: 17.89 Minutes
  • Player Count: 200+
  • Filtered Devices: (It used to be worst with a bunch of other devices filtered but the game was reworked)
  • Visits In Term of Months: (April is the spike)

Some Game Screenshots:

What is the issue?

The game had around 200 players on January 2022 and I stopped updating until March 13. On March 13 the game started increasing in Players out of nowhere and it continued like that until reaching 5.2k Players on April 16. (During the time frame March 13 to July 16 I was working on a huge update for the game).

By June the game had already 1.2k Players left and I decided to give it an extra boost by updating the game with horses. This update boosted the Player Base to 3k Players, but by the end of the week, it started fading out slowly.

By July 16 when I released the rework the game had only 300 Players, it was practically dead and I decided to make a Live Event. The live event literally just increased the player base to 400 and after the release of the huge update, the game remained with 400 players.

As days passed by my game got featured for 4 weeks but it doesn’t even help since the Feature sort is kind of underrated too. Being in the featured sort literally boosts your player base by 200 - 300 which isn’t so much.

However, the game just keeps dying and dying even with huge updates.

Other issues:

  • Not a single YouTuber with a big audience made a video in my game, in fact, they don’t even have data showing that they haven’t even found out about my game.
  • I literally don’t know what caused the increased amount of players when I literally stopped updating the game for 3 months.
  • Sponsors and Ads are doing worst than before and you are required to pay even more for you to have “good” results.
  • I thought the Roblox algorithm recommends games that earn more money but I compared my game to someone else who has a more popular game and my Robux Per Visit was higher than his. (Denying the hypotheses of Roblox recommending games which earns a lot)

How can we help you?

You guys can help me by reviewing the game. Please avoid mentioning the typical solutions of bad thumbnails, icons, UI, style, and confusion, among others. (You can still argue with them but have in mind that the Roblox Player Base doesn’t care about the first 4 at all demonstrated by many front-page games)

Do not mention school as this issue happens even without school being a factor.

Do not tell me to quit and move on because is not the solution, you shouldn’t give up. Second of all, I don’t even know the issue with the current game, meaning the same issue can be committed in the next one I make.

:warning: Other games that had a similar issue:

(After my game was having less than 700 players)

  • Fruit Juice Tycoon: 15.4k Players and after two months it’s dead just like my game 256.
  • Mini Mart: 15.7k Players and after two months it’s kinda dead with 37. (Though looks like there is a new version named Mini Store having 1.6k Players)

I am starting to think Roblox is promoting games and letting them die afterward. It’s honestly really sad to see this because it happens very often. The same issue I think it’s going to happen with nico’s nextbots as it used to have 70k players and is about to reach less than 10k.

My game when it hit 5.2k Players had 340k visits that day. Currently, I am getting an average of 20k or fewer visits daily.

Thank you, focasds.

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What exactly does filtered devices mean? I haven’t recently read up on this.

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Filtered Devices are statistics of devices which are having problems running your games. I’m not sure of the exact mechanics, but it eventually leads to those specific devices on said list from being shown your game due to poor end user experience.


While I’m not really a popular developer, I do understand your thinking and how any game popularity works in general.

It all comes down to a few key factors:

  1. Games will not always be popular forever. Prison life was around 2014 and inspired Jailbreak and used to have thousands of players. It now only is down to a few hundred and its just because trends come and go. Clicking simulators were popular a few years ago before turning into a wasteland. Nothing will stay forever.

  2. Activity is everything. You lost many players because they have to see new content after a while. This is why games like Pet Simulator X used to have weekly updates to ensure player activity, even if it wasn’t a huge update it still brought back those who were just starting to lose interest. You should try to keep a repeating schedule to not lose interest, and take an extra week if you need to work on a larger update.

  3. Content should be unique but also entertaining to peak interest.

  4. Monetization is something you don’t always have to include, but it is important to balance the pay to win players with the free to play. Do not make a product that is impossible to achieve to normal players and make it overpowered.

Overall the game seems like a unique spin, it does though have a lot of similar features to Booga Booga. Split it off and add your own twist. Another thing is try to balance the shop a bit.

As for the statistics you gave, you need to really try harder to make a better mobile experience. Low graphics modes are useful in this aspect and you will find them among many other games.

I will not say that you should give up on this game. It seems like it has some promise to it, just know when the time comes to move on and develop something else to apply what you learned to make an even better game next time.


Going to add onto this. There is an very very very large amount of percentage of players that use mobile devices.

Yes, a game can get successful with being catered to pc players BUT if you want to reach a very large portion of the audience that is on Roblox, you’ll want to make your game mobile friendly as well.

Thumbnails, sometimes graphics, title, description, and nature of the game are all parts of which a player will look at and decide if they want to play it or not at a first glance. Since players are also impatient, you want a good way to let the player hop in, and immediately enjoy playing the game, don’t boggle them down with long intros and tutorials unless absolutely necessary. Doors is a great example that has you hop in and start playing right off the bat, giving a very mini tutorial in the beginning.

If your game suffers from crash issues/gameplay issues, that will definitely turn off players quickly. Optimization and performance is also crucial as a majority of players play on low end devices (including me back then). If you game does not run well on a low end device, players will probably leave due to that reason alone. There were times where I would instantly leave a game due to the fact that my computer couldn’t handle it.

Of course, its hard to exactly say what your game is suffering from :thinking:

In the nature of all things considered, looking at your game, it seems to be doing pretty spot on. Reviews are positive though looking at your group wall post, there seems to be a few critics with complaints, don’t listen to them all entirely but pick out a few if you truly believe there to be an issue. Communication with fellow players like on a discord server is crucial as well to keep it up and alive for a long time.

The game is not a failure, it just needs a boost. Try communicating with players and outside advertisements more. Active acknowledgement of players is also crucial. Mobile experience is a vital part if you want to increase the spread of players more.

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I understand that games will not be popular forever, but how did my game in the first place get popular? (I know it’s really hard, I think none of us is even able to guess)

  • No videos went viral on YouTube, TikTok, etc…
  • Nothing on Twitter either.
  • I did not advertise during those 3 months.
  • I did not update the game in 3 months but still managed to grow out of nowhere.

Currently, I have the ability to:

  • Reduce the number of objects being rendered.
  • Turn off shadows.
  • Turn off clouds.

I also wonder how many people join on iPhone 6 like the Filtered Devices states. I heard the percentage is calculated by the number of people that crashes on that device divided by the amount of people that joined on such device. This means that if 10 people played on iPhone 6 and 2 of them crashed, the rate will be at 20%. Now I truly don’t know if that’s true.

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Yeah, I do this very often and you probably read my replies haha. Most critics come from people saying why I lowered the stats of an ore (which I have explained a bunch of times to them), others die and lose their tools and armor (they get mad at me because they died), and people that used to play adapting to the new rework.

I have a discord server, but with the lack of visits the game is getting, I am receiving fewer members each day. I announce all updates in the discord server as well as in the group.

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It’s always the iPhone 6 and amazon tablets :joy:

My Fire HD 2019 never crashes on Roblox. Roblox just closes “statistically” because many people who have a Fire have Amazon FreeTime, which causes a “crash” when the screen time runs out.

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I came out with another question related to this problem. While watching a YouTube video about my game that was uploaded in April (the month my game reached a peak of 5.2k Players), the guy in the video mentioned that he didn’t know about the game but was curious to see what it was since it was recommended to him a bunch of time.

This explains the sudden increase in players.

:red_circle: Question: If a game doesn’t reach the expectations of Roblox’s algorithm while it’s getting recommended. Is it possible for this game to get flagged by the Algorithm and stop recommending the game excesively?

I’ve usually seen the algorithm “replace” games.

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Yeah, is something I see a lot happening too. Sometimes we tend to find negative things in the game when people ask “why my game doesn’t have players?”, like judging their thumbnails, gui, animations, map, performance, among other things. Though they could help a bit the game they ain’t necessarily the reason why they are dead, the algorithm is the Main Host in here and it controls which game remains on the front page or not.

This is why we tend to see games that we consider overrated or really bad made on the front page. Kids click anything that gets shown to them making the games get popularity.

Currently on my recommended I find:

  • Brookheaven
  • Adopt Me
  • Evade
  • Doors

Among other games, for sure those games show up to a lot of people on their recommendations.

Look at this game’s stats, I will not be mentioning the name but is already a popular game:
August 19: 3k - 4k players.
August 26: 15k players.

It shows how the algorithm has influenced this game.

I will mark this post as the Solution since there is not a sure answer to what’s wrong with the game. The only thing we can do is guess and judge when the reality is probably the algorithm just not recommending my game so often as it did in April.