Games loading infinitely

When opening studio and selecting a group, it will load the games infinitely and never display them

This only happens for a specific group (per session), which will typically never load until you restart studio and try again. The “specific group” seems to be random depending on the state of studio when it initially loaded. Maybe if it fails to load it never retries?


This occurs for me randomly on every single tab of the experience selection-screen (including my personal games), when it occurs, it either loads ~10 games or none. If the former occurs, hitting the reload button will cause games to load again, if the latter occurs, there is no way to recover except a full restart.


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll keep you updated!


Still seeing this unfortunately!

Studio shut down all of my places, as it does weekly to update, and upon relaunching I can’t load the places

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This is still happening, after launching studio immediately after today’s update

Re-launching studio still doesn’t fix the issue, so I’m having to use the website to access places

I still have to use the website to access most of our places because studio never loads the selection :frowning:

I’m having this issue too, this prevents me from using the Studio app directly and requires me to navigate to the creator dashboard to access group games and my own selection because the tiles refuse the load. Bumping this in support of getting a fix.

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Gave up waiting for this bug to be addressed and switched to the “Recents” page instead because it seems to work properly.

You can use the website to access your games and hit “Edit” for them to appear in your recents.


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This seems to happy pretty commonly with me. I usually toggle between “My games” and “Group games” to get it unstuck, but sometimes I have to close and reopen studio. I feel like it happens more often when studio needs to be updated.

I’m sure there’s plenty of new users who just think their stuff is gone.


Hi all, this is a tough one to track down - most likely explanation would be a bad retry or missed state in the event of a failure to fetch games for a group. Can anyone that can repro this regularly please submit a log after reproducing?