Games page displays different games for mobile users

I’ve noticed that, on my iPhone, the games page would look a lot different. The games are a lot different from the normal front page, and the number of players are a lot smaller than the game actually has. Here’s a picture of the regular frontpage to help you guys see:

Both images are the very first games in the popular section. The quality of games tend to be a lot lower as well. And for some reason, this is only happening to mobile users.

The mobile page is different the the normal page for game, as intended. The web team explained this topic to us a few months ago.

Searching for the explanation…

It’s not a bug, the games shown on mobile will show the most popular mobile games.

That…actually makes a lot of sense. So I’m guessing the player count is the numbers of player on mobile as well. Never looked at it that way!

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The only problem with it is that most of the games that are popular on mobile happen to be scam or free model games and it looks really bad on the games page :stuck_out_tongue:

Likely because a majority of the more “legitimate” roblox developers are still developing with desktop support in mind first, because the mobile share is not at critical mass yet.
And when you design a game with desktop support in mind first and foremost, porting to mobile becomes very hard. And if done, it still does not mean you will get a lot of attention on mobile due to how drastically the gameplay may change. The difference between using a mouse and keyboard, and a touch screen device is often too big to not sacrifice gameplay on desktop for the sake of supporting mobile, or sacrificing a mobile user’s playability (often mobile is a lot harder to enjoy a game that works better on desktop).

Android games list does not display players currently in game, how annoying.