Games Page Says There are only 11 Obbys on Roblox

I don’t think we should have any dead space on the front page of Roblox.

If one of these sorts only has 11 results (probably not true in this case - not sure how these are identified as “obbies”), we should get rid of it. I would bet we actually have 11,000 obbies.


Hey buddy… have you read the article on how to format a bug report? You’ve provided one screenshot and one sentence?


This is another reason why the genre filter needs a return, so categories like the obby aren’t only limited to a select few. It’s a shame that game discovery has basically died on the platform and I can’t seem to find many games for a specific genre.


Yeah how it works is I complain here first.

Then if no one from Roblox answers, I escalate up the chain until someone fixes it.

This one is pretty important since it impacts game discovery and from replies further down in this thread is maybe not the only top level sort to not have sufficient results to fill a page. The games page gets billions of views per month and is a very valuable piece of web real estate that is not being fully leveraged.


Yes I also agree with this post.

Honestly, the lack of tycoons in the “tycoon” section surprises me also, since there are a lot of those aswell.

It intrigues me how there can be thousands of tycoons/obbies (obbys) that are getting un-recognized because of the game filter.

Cipheran makes a good point about how the genre filter is lacking tons of games that can be amazingly built and put togheter, but are just left in the dust due to it.


This doesn’t seem like a bug since it would be painfully obvious to Roblox.

You guys could revive the genre sort thread that was made for Platform Feedback Website Features but now dead.

I do agree to increase the amount of discoverable specific category games like obbies and genre-based games.

I honestly think it would help Roblox to bring back genre sort though in agreement because users wouldn’t be so bored of looking for a game they preferably like by genre, style, or category rather than the specific set genres given on the front page and Popular/Top Rated sections they have to scroll through.

There are so many good obbies and challenging ones on roblox. I really am dissapointed that the ones that make the obby sort are the mega fun and the escape. (I dont want to discriminate, but there are much more high quality obbies that deserve this place on the obby sort.) Roblox really needs a reform to game discovery as a whole. Searching ‘Obby’ in games also comes with the same types of oby games. We should see stuff like ToH or at least JToH. FE + FE2 are really popular obby games aswell which deserve to be in the sort, which they arent. Im probably missing a ton because I dont know of many obby games(wonder why). It would be awesome to see changes to how these work to show at least more obbies and some varying in skill. It would also be good for a reform of game discovery so people like me have it easier when it comes to getting players.


Games that are categorized into horror, western, sci-fi, comedy, medieval, etc are basically gone from the site. There is no way new users can search for these type of games unless you scroll through the all games page but that is a tedious process to go look for a new game.


I think it is a bug, because no one would intentionally design this sort to have 11 search results.


Too bad you don’t still work for them. You’ve always seemed to have a pretty good outlook on things and tend to notice important things that are often ignored by the people responsible for them.

Probably why you left anyway.

As for the topic and solution: I agree that a genre filter, or perhaps even a hashtag filter is a necessary return. I haven’t used the Games page to find games to play on Roblox since probably around 2014, about the time the genre filter was removed and replaced with highest grossing games. It’s pretty hard to set up a community of groups, for example, that all use similar games, and attract an audience. I think this is why Discord communities are such a huge part of Roblox’s makeup. The website doesnt cater to their needs at all.

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Yes it’s hard to know the factorization that there are game genres (alike the ones you inputted) are just gone and are usually hard to find again due to the filter. It’d help if they bring back more genres that would please a lot of people in the community, due to the fact that some like a specific genre more than another one.

I do agree to this as I know there are plenty of obbies that have been made. This could also be said about the tycoon page. Whenever you see all, it is only limited to around 15 tycoons. There can’t be any reasonable answer to why they only show a few games when I know there are plenty out there.


Yes I do think it makes the website look empty, triggers my OCD.

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I agree that this is a bug. But what if there are actually only 11 obby games which are ‘worth’ being on Front Page?

Yes, there’s lot of obbies, but not all succeed; most of them don’t even have that many visits.

I think there is not a set algorithm on how to get onto FP. But you definitely need some fan / player base. Not a game where there is peak of 10 Players.

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Another way that we could solve this is making obbies a genre, that way the section would be filled.

Honestly, I don’t even agree with an Obby category. Roblox needs to pick up their category game. The front page is just filled with the same kind of game and popular games, and aren’t giving a chance to smaller games that are a lot more interesting than obbies. Just my opinion.

As far as I am aware, this is fully intentional as the games on these types of lists are hand picked. I would recommend writing a feature request for a better games page instead as there does not appear to be any bug to be fixed.

Yes I know but it’s to make the site more organised. Obbies are at the bottom anyways. All it does is make the site organzas that’s all.

This post is okay I think since there’s not many more details to give, but in general you should try to stick closer to the bug reporting and feature request formats. We’re pretty strict on new members in doing so, to keep the signal-to-noise level high, and so it’s not fair to them if ex-staffers or any other forum member would be exempt from that effort. That’s “how it works” when you participate in a community you don’t manage.

(Following the format is important because we get a ton of submissions that aren’t particularly useful because they miss critical information, so if we don’t enforce this then the forum would quickly become noise rather than signal for engineers.)

If you don’t like the bug reporting / feature request formats, you are welcome to escalate up the chain until someone changes it if you deem that necessary.


Roblox should update “Obby” and “Tycoon” sorts with new games every week/month. As nobody would play the same obby or tycoon every day. Then, it would be good. Roblox has enough obbies and tycoon, but the problem is that Developer Engagement, I believe does the sorting games, no offence, doesn’t add new games to these sorts, which is sad. I hope they will update them in near time. :slight_smile: And of course, adds more games to these sorts. In my opinion, this post belongs to website features.