Games Page Sorts Inconsistent / Failing To Load

The Popular sort will not show on the Games page, and sometimes Top Rated will not show

This just started happening tonight as far as I know.

Windows 10 Chrome

edit: they are back now.


This is also happening to me. Hopefully, they can fix this bug soon as it’s very annoying to have to manually change the URL to get to the popular tab.

Same issue as this one was

They are adding a bunch of sorts it seems.

featured, rthro, trending games, explore roblox games, recently updated games, top building games, top fps/roleplay/adventure/fighting/sports games, clothing stores

Can confirm. Me and a few friends are also experiencing this. Glad to see it’s (hopefully) not something that’s intended. :eyes:

I think they are doing a total games page revamp.

Mine has all sorts of new sorts: (zoomed out to allow for more of the page to be displayed)


Update: Popular sort is back, along with all of the new categories :thinking:


This also appears to not function correctly on my iPhone X and iPad mini 1st gen.


Edit: They’re back on both devices and on my MacBook

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