Game's title of over 6 years is now suddenly unusable, and its a big problem!

Cenozoic Survival is a game ive worked on for over 6 years of my life, it started as fun when I was in high school, and has evolved into a community of over 18,000 dedicated players. I released a small update adding a new player model recently and changed the title to include the added morph, and while players are now excited for the new morph, the title of the game is suddenly censored?! Cenozoic Survival is a brand with over 6 years of marketing, artwork, and history behind it, I can’t afford to just lose the title. The word Cenozoic is now censored on the games page and it just reads ######## Survival. Cenozoic is not a swear word, as it is just the title of a geological period in time. Despite the innocent nature of the title, Roblox support has not gotten back to me on correcting this. Any ideas on what I can do to resolve this issue? I worry that if this goes on for much longer it could impact people’s ability to find the game on the website, and aside from that it’s very unsightly to look at when opening the game.


only thing you can really do is rename your game. roblox won’t uncensor a certain phrase for you.


that would break the visit count so i wouldn’t really recommend that

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the visit count will be even worse if you dont change it from the tagged version.

so that is their only solution.


No idea why ‘Cenozoic Survival’ is being flagged. I might be missing something, but that shouldn’t be happening. The frustration is understandable.

@xoroshoh, Could you take a look at this? It might be a bug.

To the OP, I’d recommend filing a bug report under the website bugs category, if no staff response is given here. That’s how staff usually see these kind of posts. When/if you can get a bug report made, I’d link that post here and vice versa for connection reasons.

If you were unaware, you can message the @Bug-Support group to file bug reports as a ‘Member’ on the forums.

I hope your issue gets resolved.

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Back in time, for no reason, my own name “M1Jy” was tagged, till i contact support team.
Also possible reasons why it would be censored:


Are the screenshots from ChatGPT or another form of AI? The words involved don’t exactly make sense to me. If so, I’d avoid responding using AI. I don’t feel it’s helpful in this situation, more-so causing confusion.

Maybe contacting support could help with this, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try. I feel that system isn’t the best and goes nowhere however.

@Bug-Support Hopefully I can get staff to see this message.

Mentioning the Bug Support group won’t notify them. You’ll need to either message them, or contact Roblox Support.

I really need to use the forums more I feel like such a noob rn lol