Games to Check Out This November!

Hey everyone! I hope you all head a Happy Halloween!

I’m back here today to bring you all the third inclusion of my article series “Games To Check Out”. This month, I’m going to share with you all some fun games for you to try! I apologize in advance for the smaller list this time around; however, I felt it would be more fun for everyone if I used games that I hadn’t previously discussed!

Rdite is as quirky as ever with his new game, Splitting Point!

Oh my goodness is this game fun! Although it has no major purpose, the fun toys given to the player allows for a unique experience with the Roblox physics engine. Although it’s not the kind of game to play for hours on end, its a fun little trip and worth leaving a like on!

From Roblox YouTuber to Roblox developer, i_eaturface’s parody of the old Pokémon games, called Sekaiju, is worth a visit!

On a different take of the genre, Sekaiju, a World of Creatures, is the kind of game that takes an old concept and recreates it in an interesting way! Although the building and scripting is not the greatest, the concept and combat of the game is interesting enough to keep you playing for a long time!

Imperator hits a home run with Beyond the Stars!

This game rocks! The concept is unique and the gameplay is indescribably fun! Definitely play the game!

Dragon Keeper is a Neat Way to Spend Some Downtime

Although nothing new, Dragon Keeper is a fun game to play when you want to procrastinate your homework or are just in the mood to try and see some great world design. Although it’s nothing crazy, the gameplay is simple enough that even the 4 year olds I occasionally babysit were able to fully comprehend it.


Remember that old event an eternity ago? Well, the game got an update and its all that I wanted it to be! I’m not going to spoil any of it for you; however, I’m going to fully encourage you to play it! Do it! Do it NOW!

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you guys next month!


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