Games with large amounts of images/meshes do not load in less than 5 minutes

Reproduction Steps

Create a place, and add a lot of images. Parent them to the workspace, close studio, save, and restart your PC to clear memory. Go into the place file.

It’s worth noting this happens to every developer on the game as well - this is not limited to my PC.

Expected Behavior

The game will load as fast as it should, like in the Roblox client.

Actual Behavior

The game will be completely lacking of meshes, lighting, skyboxes, stock textures, and images, and sometimes even crashes. Sometimes it may not even load at all.

Game Link

Specs: Intel core i5-10600KF, GTX 1660 SUPER, 26GB memory, although this is not limited to me.
Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Performance
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly


Wait, doesn’t this happen also in Game? If it does than it’s normal, but I think you know that too…

Also it may be connected to the ‘new’ weekly event that happens every Saturday at 2:00 AM UTC:0

No, this only happens when in Studio. Athe game loads instantly, howeverStudio takes like 5 minutes to complete.

Tehn it may be:

You know what event I’m taking about, right?

No, and this happens every day/time I launch studio, it has nothing with Roblox caches purging.

Okay, then I don’t have any idea of what it may be, have you tried restarting you computer, etc…?

occurs in Roblox Player aswell, this seems like a Cloud service delay as it’s using the old ones storing assets.

I haven’t had this issue in my game in specific, just takes forever to load Studio, sometimes deciding not to load at all, which I forgot to highlight in my post.

Interesting. I’ve never experienced this before but how large are the meshes?

Also, if this does happen, Roblox doesn’t usually crash for me. That leads me to believe you’re experiencing a problem with unions.

The crash is very rare, only happens a few times. I don’t have very many unions, but a ton of decals which load very slowly, and not that many meshes, although they don’t load until images do.

What OS are you running? Just curious since I do notice a difference between running Windows 7 and any other windows version on the same PC when it comes to Roblox stability.

Windows 11, but this is present in macOS according to other devs:

Does Roblox Studio exceed 4GB of RAM usage when this happens? You mentioned is happens all the time now, so even just a fresh load in Studio and then a crash? Also, you mentioned MacOS, so is anyone running an OS other than Windows 11 or MacOS?

I took a quick stroll through the game, so many questions. :sweat_smile:

First, what type of images are you using (png, jpeg, etc?) Second, are you statically loading all of those humanoid models or dynamically in Studio? I was only seeing around 2GB of RAM usage in game, but that was just in the area around me. I noticed everything was loading dynamically, so that keeps the memory usage under control.

I didn’t explore the entire game, but from what I saw, if you tried to load all of this in Studio, it would probably crash due to out of memory issues.

Also, the client keeps complaining about rbxassetid for 0, which won’t technically exist, so not sure why it is referenced so many times in the client log.

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Not quite sure, they’re all mainly pngs, at least my icons are.

They’re all in ReplicatedStorage and the streaming script pastes them in when you’re near.

Studio uses around 3gb, ofc it’s not the same as the client but the crash is very, very rare.

I wish I knew what was causing this, there’s no obvious answers.

I’ve seen it at as bad as 7gb sometimes.

Ok, sounds like a Studio issue, thanks for answering all those questions :melting_face:

Next question, the png image files, are they all compressed or are you using full-size uncompressed images, layers and all? Are all of those images visible while moving around in Studio?

Another question, so using Replicated Storage for client access, so in Studio you don’t have hundreds of humanoid models out there while trying to move around correct?

They’re compressed and also always visible

Nope - not even in the client, they’re only rendered when they need to be.

Ok, so I’m thinking about the images now. You mentioned the long load times and the images are probably the biggest objects to load. Could you post a link (or attach here if it lets you) a single raw image file used in one of your booths already in game for example that you place behind the humanoid models when your character can go out and blast them. I know Roblox already tries to do some compression on png image files, but I’ve found it very lacking compared to some other compression tools out there. :neutral_face:

[edit:] I think the assetID will work too, I can probably scrape the file that way if you prefer

[edit2:] Ok, after trying to scrape the file via assetID in my own game, all of them are sized to 420x420 using Roblox compression on the website and not the actual in game file, so assetID won’t work I’m afraid :neutral_face:

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Thanks for the report. The issue is being investigated.


Just confirmed this fix is live! So sorry it took this long to get back, everyone. Huge thanks for the report.

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