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Hey there, I’m GameSync.

Hey Developers, I’m really excited to bring you this post today, after hard work and some late nights, me and my colleague @CallumL11 are eager to announce that our project we’ve been developing is nearing its alpha testing phase.

Now… what is the Project?

We’ve been working on a new, intuitive platform dedicated for roblox group owners and administrations called GameSync. I’m sure that most of you will know that management solutions already exist and other creators have made them already to a high standard, we know this too. We wanted to make an innovative platform where our vision was extendibility and modularity which I feel it’s safe to say we’re accomplishing every day.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our vision, we HATEEE ads and I particularly despise clunky and intrusive interface, GameSync will offer you none of this, we’re straight to the point with a modern and sleek front end for our users to enjoy.

Our features are vast and will be ever expanding while we bring the project out of alpha testing, including a customised roblox client that plugs straight into GameSync. the Roblox Client comes with all the necessities that GameSync needs to function but also offers developers huge extendibility e.g… (Create custom command hooks on roblox, and execute them via our dashboard straight to your game servers).

Our prices are low and will always be capped at $5 as a maximum, our basic plan costs $4 monthly and we will be looking to add robux as a payment option as soon as we workout the caveats of doing so. Currently we do not offer a free tier due to the project just starting, but our User Engagement Team will be looking into building a proper, fully functional tier like this as soon as we start to attract more visitors.

All of our features and site information can be found on the website link I hyperlinked before the title, I hope you love what you see and if you do have any further questions feel free to give me an @.

Here’s some screenshots of our site:

Thank you,
GameSync Development Team


Please format your website for mobile as managing groups on-the-go is a necessity.


Yeah… It kind of defeats the purpose of the app if you can’t use it on mobile. @dayflare just adding a viewport meta tag does not automatically format your website for smaller screens.


It’s not built purely to be ran on mobile.
We are aware of the mobile comparability right now and will be looking into this as we come to the full release.


I love this idea. What’s in the works for new features to come?

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We have a full feature list on our website.

We’re aiming to release all of them marked as ‘set’ by the end of next week when the alpha testing period has come to an end.

Anything marked as to come will be pushed in the coming weeks!

If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to reply here or contact me on the Annoyingly moderated software that’s linked on our website lol!

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Wait a second… why should we use this solution over the old-fashioned way?

It told me why:

Most of our competitors are based on increased payment and lack of features, GameSync integrates everything you love and implements it into a system that is so user friendly, a baby could navigate it!

You’re literally competing with the groups page (which does not have any ads whatsoever), which is intuitive enough for my liking. I guess there might be some features that can be automated with the use of this tool, but I’m assuming there’s a very slim number of users who actually need those.

I’m under the impression that you’re currently offering a minimal interface but are shadowing the details to prevent the audience from jumping to conclusions (this is a known marketing stragegy that I can easily spot out). The feature mentioned here is essentially what can only be described as MessagingService, Adonis Admin and Trello linked together. The custom Roblox client is very vague and I’m still unsure what you mean by this feature.

I guess what I’m saying is I want to know what makes this better than anything else, and what is the complete list of individual features? The descriptions here are too vague and there’s no real reasons listed as to why we should use this over the group pages.

Yes, I’ve looked at the features page. The features with the green checkmark are useful to me:

The rest of the features without the checkmark are already managed (or are not necessary) and alternatives that can suffice will not be worth the hassle of setting up. In my opinion, this product barely gives more features than what we have already with Discord and the Groups page.

You need to be the best of the best to even be considered by most people. This isn’t offering much from what I can tell, unless I’m not seeing the full picture. I’ve never used one of these systems before so I cannot tell whether they’re worth it or not, but managing my group with the current tools I have is fine.

Sure, if you were giving people access to events and admin every two seconds and got a reasonable Robux income, then yeah, this would probably be a life saver. But that’s not the case for me, who has a simple testing and development team plus group admin, with documents stored in the Discord server not being dramatically scattered about as your service’s marketing implies.

I mean, just the name “GameSync” sounds like it can be substituted by MessagingService, which is built into Roblox.

So, my opinion is this model tries to solve a problem most of us don’t have (or I’ve been living under a rock and don’t see the true power of this). Is there a roadmap of some kind to show future features that are in the works?

For preview of the features we have please join our server and you can see their teasers in development.

Maybe I didn’t outline everything clearly as we’re still rolling out features, everything that’s on that list is earmarked as released or in production.

This is not at all similar to roblox group management or any other management software, we incorporate many features that group managers want and need and already have had immense feedback regarding the use of them and how they’ve improved group operations while our product is still in the alpha phase.

I understand that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it is some people’s, especially groups like cafe’s and restaurants where they want a better understanding of activity, staff management and events management.

GameSync isn’t meant to replace anything, it’s meant to take what’s already been made which have public API’s and incorporate more features into them, and tie it into one platform for easy use and whereabouts.

(No we are not monetizing off prebuilt features and API’s, we take the base features such as ranking, unranking, tie in 10x more features, logging, webhooks, data analysis, and them roll them out binded together, this is just an example of how GameSync works).

Hope this helps.

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I see. Thank you for the clarification.

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this is paid feature and i have to pay to use the developer API, no I think I’m sticking with bloxadmin, as that one of the best with owners that actually care and can take feedback very well.

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I appreciate the feedback about the Developer API.

We’ll take this into account for future updates :slight_smile:

flexbox is a life saver when making responsive layouts

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I don’t believe Community Resources is the correct place for paid services! I’d recommend moving it to #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback instead!

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Roblox has recently changed the guidelines

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  • Free or paid plugins you wish to showcase.

As this is not a plugin, it is not allowed still.

even if it’s not a plugin, it’s still allowed

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Roblox would’ve moderated this post already if it broke guidelines.
DevRelations are very vigilant with that kinda stuff.