Gaps between parts ingame, but are not there in studio

I did early a post about this, but didnt get a answer, so i repost it.

Ingame I have some places with gaps between the parts. The problem is that I don’t have these gaps in ROBLOX studio and when i am ingame, they have this problem. They are anchored, so that’s not the problem & in studio i did fix the gaps but they dont show ingame… Everytime i update, it does not fix. How can I solve this problem?

Situation in ROBLOX Studio

Situation ingame

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You mentioned that this happens in multiple places. It’s likely not a problem on Roblox’s end but on yours.

They may be Anchored in Studio, but when you test play in Studio do they stay Anchored?
I’ve heard of scripts from free models from the toolbox or plugins that unanchor Parts in the workspace. If these places have Team Create enabled make sure your other builders don’t have anything that causes this as well.

Do you have any scripts that set the CFrame of Parts that could be affecting this Part?

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I have to agree on this one: I would check your plugins for sketchy/suspicious plugins that may be installed. Granted I take “Update” as in publish.

I have seen instances where sketchy plugins like “Anti-Virus” plugins lead to certain things that aren’t even viruses, get deleted.

Also: Just a side note, if you do have any anti-virus plugins, I would uninstall them if I were you and discontinue using those. I use Server Defender, and It is the best:

Madpoint83 Creation: Server Defender

Hope this somewhat helps!

Should have replied to @JustArjxn instead of me. :wink:

‘‘You mentioned that this happens in multiple places.’’
I meant in different places in the game itself, not in other games

They stay anchored when i test ingame. See screenshot, where i used a F3x admin command for it. Dont have scripts that will unanchor Parts, but also don’t use sketchy plugins, so thats both not it.

Weird is, when i union the parts all to each other, they are good, but otherwise not. Then the gaps will show.


I’ve made a video where i show the problem: Kronenburg V3 Edit - Roblox Studio 2023-11-28 19-05-51. You see in the beginning that there are no problems, when i am ingame the problem does show

Ah, very large Parts can cause this if their Rotation is off by a few degrees. I had this issue with 2 aircraft runway parts that I’d angled up very slightly up to create a higher centerline than the outer sides. They’d never match up at the ends in game.

If you look at the long end opposite corner’s alignment you’ll probably see that both are rotated in a direction. There’s probably a gap at one end, and an overlap at the other.

This also gets worse at really far distances (like thousands of studs) from workspace Position 0,0,0 due to floating point errors in Roblox Position and Rotations.

Ohhh, thank you. I will see if I can try to make the large parts into 2 parts, maybe that helps and fix the overlaps etc

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