Garry's Mod(Source) map to roblox?

Hey, I have a problem that I haven’t found a solution to, so I’m here.
I would like to import a map from GMOD to Roblox using source2roblox,
but it seems to be outdated, I also used the VMF Importer plugin, but after VMF importer the map is just gray, there are no textures.
Are there any ways to import a map from GMOD to Roblox without errors, bugs, other problems?


Just a fair disclaimer here, I’m hoping that you do indeed have all the rights to everything you are importing, by that I mean that you have permission from the creator, and or rights holder to use such assets on Roblox.

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I’m importing my maps, don’t worry.

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(Note that I know nothing of these plugins, and only a little about the source engine)
Are you sure you can’t just add the textures manually? Are the maps too big for that?
Maybe you could try build your own source-roblox plugin, it sounds educationally exquisite.
I’m sorry if you find my reply is irrelevant to your goal.

I could try to create a “source-roblox plugin”, but I have no knowledge of the “source engine”
I only know hammer++ and that’s not much.

import it to blender first so you can bake in the textures, then import that

I would like to know more about it

there is a plugin for blender that can read source file exports, forgot the name, can use it to import to blender, keeping textures all together, then export that as an obj to studio and the texture will stay, it is how i got a few Half Life 2 and Alyx models ported

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