Gateau | Handbook

Gateau | Handbook

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On this document, you will find all necessary information regarding Gateau Operations & Events! Below, you will find links heading to our guides and resources. Gateau is an upcoming French Bakery, providing a great hospitality service and an exquisite experience you will never forget.

Session Schedule

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Session Procedures

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Game Guidelines

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Alliance Information

Salutations! Gateau is a brand new project made recently in 2020, striving to connect with the ROBLOX community by partnering with those who meet our requirements and standards. If you have any inquiries or concerns, do not hesitate to message a member of the Relations Department.

Gateau Requirements

Your group must have 50 members or above: we have the capabilities to make Executive decisions to bypass this requirement, but that is limited, unfortunately.

Your group must have a communications server and it must be active to a certain extent, along with you having to be willing to announce all events Gateau may host.

Your group must be related to the industry; no military groups etc.

Your companies’ staff must act professionally in both our group places and communications server. This means you must act mature, professional, and utilize proper grammaticalization.

Gateau Affiliate Questions

1 | Send a link to your ROBLOX group and Communications server.

2 | Why are you interested in forming an alliance with Gateau?

3 | If your group was to become an affiliate with Gateau, how may you benefit us?

4 | Please list at least three representatives from your group to represent in our Communications server.

5 | What makes your group different from others willing to form an alliance with Gateau?

Public Relations Department

Staff Information

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Rank Descriptions

Below you will find all relevant information regarding your rank! If you have any further questions regarding your rank, please ask a member of the Support & Investigation team or a member of the Presidential Team!

Kitchen Intern

Being the first Middle Rank, Kitchen Interns are expected to work with the leader in the kitchen, as well as making sure that the kitchen area is running as smoothly as it possibly can. Kitchen Interns are also allowed to be assistant trainers/trainers whenever a training session is being hosted by a Coordinator+.

Kitchen Leader

Kitchen Leaders are expected to work with the Kitchen Interns in the kitchen, making sure that the Kitchen Interns are doing their job, as well as monitoring the kitchen with those individuals.

Staff Assistant

Staff Assistants are to stand out in the Seating Area to answer any inquiries or concerns. They help assist any individual who is in dire need of assistance, hence the reason why the rank is known as ‘Staff Assistant.’ They have a responsible role within Gateau, as they must make sure that all customers are happy and satisfied before they go to eat their delectable meals.

Kitchen Supervisor

Kitchen Supervisors overlook the leaders in the kitchen, making sure that they are doing their tasks and correctly monitoring the Kitchen Interns. Kitchen Supervisors also have a responsibility for the Kitchen Interns, but Kitchen Leaders focus more on Kitchen Interns than Kitchen Supervisors do.


Managers assist the Staff Assistants in any situations that are needed to be correctly handled. They can either supervise the Seating Area with the Staff Assistants, or they can monitor the bakery in general, making sure that everything is running as smoothly as it possibly can. This role has important responsibilities that can immensely affect the community.

Senior Manager

Senior Manager is the first High Rank in Gateau. The individuals who have made it this far have become this rank due to their determination, professionalism, grammatical/conversational skills, and overall magnificent characteristics. They hold an even more major responsibility than Managers, as they need to make sure that the bakery is running smoothly, making sure the bakery is void of disruptive customers/exploiters, just like the rest of the ranks. What is different is that Senior Managers can co-host any ongoing training sessions (assisting the host with their duties). This is also the first position that is allowed to promote users underneath them, but they must follow the correct procedures to do so.


Coordinators are individuals who are officially allowed to host, meaning that any position above this position may host. They do similar tasks as the ranks below, excluding the fact that this rank gets to host training sessions. Coordinators must make sure that they are on their best behavior, as this role holds a lot of responsibility for the bakery and any training sessions they decide to host/attend.


Administrators mainly deal with supervising the bakery, as well as any ongoing training sessions occurring. They must make sure that the company overall is running smoothly, especially if any unfortunate actions occur. Administrators monitor all ranks below them, making sure each individual is on their best performance/behaviors.

Assistant Director

Assistant Directors work to assist the Bakery Director with any needed assistance. Assistant Directors and Bakery Directors have quite similar tasks, except for the fact that the Bakery Director has more control and responsibility for the bakery as a whole. Assistant Directors are supposed to monitor the entire bakery and Gateau’s facilities, as well as the communications server, making sure that everything is running smoothly on there as well. The other ranks are also allowed to monitor the communications server.

Bakery Director

The Director has ultimate control at the bakery, with all decisions up to them unless a member of the Presidential Team states otherwise. Bakery Directors control the facilities and the communications server as well, meaning that they have a massive responsibility for the company. In order for the company to run smoothly, all positions must come together and work together in order for Gateau to rise and succeed, but the Bakery Director controls many tasks and oversees the company in general.

Corporate Administrators

Corporate Administrators are the first Senior Ranks. They have become a Senior Rank due to their extreme determination, as well as exceeding all of Gateau’s expectations, rising over all the other positions below them. It is a high honor to obtain a Senior Rank within this company as they hold the most responsibility out of all of the ranking groups. These ranks lead departments, making sure that each department is running as smoothly as possible.

Vice President/Executive President

Vice Presidents oversee the departments and work extremely close to the Executive Presidents, ensuring all Gateau operations run smoothly. Vice Presidents and Executive Presidents have similar tasks, except for the fact that Executive Presidents oversee all of the company, including the management of funds, facilities, communications server, and more. Vice Presidents and Executive Presidents have the most responsibility within the company, as they are the highest ranks. They must make are that every single detail is running smoothly so the company does not fail.

Corporate Guidelines

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