Gathering a team: NP

Before you read any further, please note this studio with be strictly NON-PROFIT. For now.

The plan
Greetings, I’m planning to form a new development group on ROBLOX and need some volunteers. The aim is to specialise in Pokemon related game(s) but obviously due to copyright major changes will be required and discussed once the team is formed.

Currently there is no promised or guranteed payment due to this being a new team entirely. Volunteers would be appreciated greatly and games and projects will not necessarily be prioritised.
In the future the talk of pay will most certainly be spoken about.
Although there isn’t a clear motivation or incentive my aim to work alongside others to bring enjoyable game series to ROBLOX that can grow for years to come.

What is needed
As in any team, members with various skills will be required. I myself am capable of building and coding. Though others will most certainly be required.
We are also looking for audio composers, 3D Designers, graphic artistd and so forth.

If you are genuinely interested feel free to DM me, discord can be provided on request also.

Thank you,
I hope to work with you soon.

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So … what is the incentive for people to work for you?


Inc. this now, thanks for the feedback!

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If you want good composers, 3D designers, you are going to pay them. To create a successful game on ROBLOX, you do need robux. You cannot do it without the ROBUX. The ROBUX isn’t only used for paying developers. It could also be used for ads. Without ads, your game isn’t getting anywhere. I suggest getting some ROBUX to pay your workers and for ads.

Where you said “in the future we will talk about pay”, people are expecting you to wright about payment in the recruitment post.


In early days, the building, 3D etc. Isn’t expected to be immaculate - anyone is welcome to join, it’s to give all involved something to work towards and to improve their abilities. Myself included. Payment will be spoken about in the future, however a team must first be created and to grow from there.

I am a builder and would love to work with you

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Anybody is welcome!
DM me for further details if you are still interested.

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