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This CODEX Contains all guidelines of the Army

Zeniquis GCA Codex


  1. Always follow the CoC (Chain of Command). This is Important you must follow it at all times.

  2. Be respectful to GCA personnel. You must respect whilst on “On Duty” and “Off Duty”

  3. All personnel must have Correct Skintone, Head Package, Package, and should not have any t-shirts while inside the academy.

  4. Faces such as :D, :), :(, Are not allowed within on duty. Only “XD” is allowed and the only face allowed.

  5. When reaching Officer you must call them “Sir” or “Ma’am” while on duty, If a Training Command is on you must call them “Staff” only.

  6. Admin abuse is strictly prohibited If an Officer admin abuse he or she will be blacklisted and cannot be appealed.

  7. Ranks must be Earned, If a person asks for a free rank he or she will be demoted.

  8. Advertising Groups outside GCA is strictly prohibited. This is an act that causes to be exiled.

** Rank Levels **

[R1] Private
[R1] Cadet
[R2] Corporal
[R2] Sergeant
[R3] Staff Sergeant
[R3] Colour Sergeant
[R3] Sergeant Major
[R4] Warrant Officer 2
[R4]Warrant Officer 1
[R5] Second Lieutenant
[R5] Lieutenant

^ Enlisted ^

[R6] Captain
[R6] Major
[R7] Lieutenant Colonel
[R7] Colonel
[R8] Brigadier
[R8] Army Sergeant Major
[R9] Major General

^ High Ranks ^

[R9] Lieutenant General
[R10] General
[R10] Supreme General
[R10] Vice Commander of Staff
[R11] Command of Staff
[X] Developer
[X] Chief Developer
[R12] Council of Defense
[R13] High Commander of Defense
[R13] High Council of Justice
[R14] Vice Commander of Forces
[R14] Commander of Forces

^ Chief Ranks ^