GDPR messages should not include sub-place IDs in the list, or not refer to them as "games"

I just got a GDPR request with the new message format, and it includes:

(…) Please delete this User ID immediately from all of your records (e.g. games, data stores, etc.) from the following Game(s): 1441335069, 1441442726 as this is an obligation under data protection laws. (…)

1441335069 = main game place
1441442726 = sub-place on the game above

I would expect the message to only list the main game place, or not refer to them as “games” but rather as “places”.

The benefit of only showing the main game ID would be that the list is less cluttered and it is closer to the actions that I actually need to complete as a developer. (I don’t need to remove data from 2 places, it’s just 1 game)

A possible benefit of keeping all IDs there is if the developer for some reason stores different data depending on the place in the universe. However I think this is only a very small % of all developers, and it would be better to reduce the list of IDs as much as possible.

Weighing the benefits and deficits of one over the other above, I propose that only showing main place IDs and not sub-place IDs is most convenient for developers.