GDPR Request [Pre-Update]

In the first few days of November, I received a GDPR request, it was my first.

I’m new to scripting, a novice, and don’t understand any of this stuff, especially considering I have dozens of games under different groups and I’m unsure of which game the request is needed for.

As mentioned in the title, this is before the update, so I have no idea how to track down this storage of data.

I have emailed customer support but to no avail, as they said they are unable to further help me with my request, and all the information they gave me was what a GDPR is, but I already know what it is, that doesn’t really help me find out how to execute a GDPR though.

Please. help. I don’t want to risk account termination or fines from the freaking EU.

Kind regards :slight_smile:

The GDPR request should tell you what games the player that requested played, so if you store any of their data, just remove them. For instance if you save data under their user ID, just do data_store:RemoveAsync(id) and that would remove it.

Before the update so I didnt get the game ID

Then I guess you’re going to have to scan through each game that uses data stores to find it.

What do I do for the script to erase it