GDPR Right To Erasure Request for a Group Game?

I recently updated one of my group games after a long time of not giving it any attention, and I received this message. I tried to follow along with this thread, but the DataStore Editor is giving me an error when I try running it in the group game. This is the video I am watching, made by the developer.

I’m actually unsure if I’m entering the correct values here. So I wanted to ask here and see if anyone knows if I really can’t use this plug-in for this game. I have more than 100 Roblox games in total, so I’m not sure if there is an easy way I can get around this at the moment.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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Make sure that the placeID you used us correct… and that Http Requests are enabled. That error really could mean anything that has to do with an http request


Thanks for your advice, I turned Http Requests on but I am still getting the error. Place ID is correct as well. For the DataStore Scope, I tried using my profile ID and the group’s ID. Nothing worked. I still get the Http error… what else could I try doing?

Make sure studio access to APIs is enabled

Thank you, that got it to open for me. But, in the video he didn’t specify how we can delete them. Since Roblox informed me of the user ID I need to delete, am I able to search it up in this plug-in?

Well how did you save the data?

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I stand way below the Novice rank when it comes to this kind of stuff. The game is just a store, there’s no objective or data saving as far as I know. So, I’m really as lost as a dog on what I’m supposed to do here :frowning:

Soooo you never saved anything? If you haven’t used DataStoreService in any way you have not saved anything. If you have stuff like donation boards that use Datastores you are going to want to clear those.

After building I’ve only published to Roblox, that’s the only thing I’ve done. The game doesn’t have donation boards, but it does have “You Met The Creator” badges.

If you never used DataStoreService in any way, from your own scripts or free models, then you don’t have any data to delete. Simple as that.

I do agree with you, but that leads me to the question I know you can’t answer

Why would they request for me to remove information from a game?

That is an automated message, sent to any developer whose game has been played by a player whose account has been deleted/other reason to have data removed.

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