Gear Importer - Import Roblox Gear to StarterPack

Welcome to the Gear Importer Plugin

Searching for Roblox made gears in the toolbox isn’t an easy task, but with this plugin you can import Roblox made Gears easily with just a few clicks! Search for it and click at the insert button.

Over 900 tracked gears (cached beforehand, no need for extra downloads or wait time)

Ability to search for gear by name:


Ability to search for gear by genre:


Enjoy and have a good day!

Extra technical info

The gear list was cached beforehand using a python script to go through Roblox API and dump results in a lua table. I could only cache about 990 gears using this method. But that seems enough. If someone wants it I can send the script or upload the entire plugin and script to github.


This plugin seems great! Especially for people like me, who adds in a ton of gears just to play around with them :joy:


I make tons of things using roblox’s gears, and I can’t wait to install this tommorow!
What permissions does it need?

considering it adds tools, probably adds their scripts too, so script injection likely

Yes you are right, script injection permission is needed to insert tools in the game.

Cool, but I have a question. Does it uses a folder to store all the tools or it uses API to get the tools made by Roblox? I believe using the API is better for performance.

I assume it’s former. Though he’s probably using a module script not a folder as that’d be a mess

Not in a folder. I would take ages just to download the plugin

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