Gear Permissions

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Is Gear Type the Genre of Game?
And what is the Difference between All genres and Experience genre (All)?

Is Experience genre (All) like hiking in the City? Which of them both should i take for Transport

Gear just means the player can take that type of gear into the game, because you can buy gear on the catalog and equip it and go into the game with it. Btw, wrong thing this is not scripting support in the least.

Okay thanks and and what is Experience Genre and All genres?

The genre of the gears that are allowed. Let’s say that you set the game genre to combat and you checked the top one, then that would mean that melee combat items would be allowed, and all genres just allows everything in the gear type. (Mark as solution if this helped you :slight_smile: )

Genres haven’t really been a thing in a very long time. The gear types are the category of gear, but most gear is broken due to either R15 or just outdated code. This is why Roblox has sadly been phasing out gear.

Okay thanks yeah i will do that and u said if all Gears is selected it allows everything in gear type but it shows “no gears allowed” in the picture:

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Okay Thanks and i see Games on the FrontPage with the Tittle “Simulation” or “Transport” and more, how could i do that?

Change the Genre of the game, not the gear genre, and for your other comment nobody uses gears anymore so I would stay away from it

Change Genre to Experience Genre?

Those are basically outside of our control. I’m not entirely what picks those, but they appear to be somewhat hand picked. There isn’t a tags or genre system, so all it could be is taking the title of popular games and generating things based out of predefined categories.

I hope that one day Roblox will overhaul their entire database to work more like Steam, but I doubt that’ll ever happen within this decade unfortunately.

Okay thanks