Gears can't be enabled in games

There is an issue that me and many other people are experiencing where gears cannot be enabled for roblox games. Usually you’re able to select and save any gear genres you’d like enabled for the experience through the “Configure Place” settings, however this recently broke and it no longer saves them. For experiences that already allow any gear genres, updating anything in the configure place settings such as the title or description will disable all genres previously enabled and it’s not possible to re-enable them.

I’m not entirely sure when this issue started, however I was made aware of the issue on not being able to save the selected genres around 2 weeks ago. Sadly I found out myself that changing any other settings automatically disables the genres allowed, and it has rendered a game of mine pretty useless since my games are primarily based around using gears.

Below is footage of it not saving the selected gear genres:
(3) Roblox Website Bug - YouTube

I don’t have permissions to post on the main bug reports section, so I hope it’s okay to post the website bug here.

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