Gedeon's Trolley Testing | English driving guide

Greetings tester!
In this guide, you will learn how to operate the Ikarus 280T GVM in GTT.


  1. Setting up the trolleybus
    After spawning, your trolleybus will be completely off, and off the wires.
    Let’s start with getting the poles on the wires.
    Exit the trolleybus, and go to the back

    Image 1: Pole grabbing areas
    Grab a pole and place it on the wire. Rope lenght can be adjusted with E and Q.
    Repeat with other pole.
    After that, return to the cabin.

    Image 2: Main switch location
    Turn on the main switch
    With that, the trolleybus is ready to go.

  2. Driving
    The most important thing to be aware of while driving is the switches, and switch set direction on your dashboard.
    Image 3: Switch setter status on the dashboard

    Image 4: Switch direction display
    Switches work in the following way:

    Image 5: Switch detector on wire
    When passing under a detector, the switch will be set in the CURRENT STATE of the setter on the trolleybus. Recommended switch passing speed is around 20KM/H.

    Image 6: Broken switch

  3. Dashboard functions
    –Left side switches–
    Image 7: Dashboard left side switches
    –Middle indicators–

    Image 8: Dashboard middle indicators
    –Right side switches–

    Image 9: Dashboard right switches

  4. Keybinds
    1 - 4: Doors 1 - 4
    R: Warning bell
    T: All doors

    Z: Left blinker
    X: Hazards
    C: Right blinker

    L: Headlights

    P: Parking brake
    V: Switch direction