Gem City Update log

Update Log

Update 31

  • Renamed the game to “Gem City”
  • New Game Location
  • New Game icon and thumbnails
  • New RubyV Diner
  • more floors have been added to the parking garage
  • added a few new details to the roof of Sapphire Bar
  • new construction area

Update Archive

Update 30
  • removed Christmas decorations
  • removed Christmas icon and thumbnails
  • added nonseason icon
Update 29
  • made it back to Day by default
Update 28- Christmas secret update
  • updated Christmas lights
  • made it night by default
Update 27
  • replaced the bushed
  • fixed were the grass below the bushes were still fall (it is now winterized)
Update 26 - Christmas 2021 update
  • the map has been winterized
  • snow now falls from the sky
  • new clouds
Update 25
  • replaced the pine trees in the new park
Update 24 - park update
  • added new park
Update 23 - construction site update
  • added the framing for the new build coming soon
  • new construction site decorations
  • the framing was all custom with resizing and rotating each and every part took like 2 hours to make
Update 22 - money system update
  • removed device icon showing when your invisible
  • everyone can now see your head moving not just you
  • rank doors now kill you if you hit them and you don’t have access to go through them
  • you can no long go in to the construction areas
  • updated the cross walks|
  • all wall trims are now smaller and the same size now
  • updated the admin commands panel
  • replaced the toilets and urinal
Update 21 - Halloween 2021 update
  • new Halloween decoration, thumbnail and icon
  • new staff lanyards
  • new camera system
  • new security room
  • fixed roof overlap
  • added wall trim in some places were there was no wall trim
  • updated the DJ room
Update 20 - fall 2021 update
  • new fall grass, tree, bushes, thumbnail and icon
  • added shift to sprint
  • fixed a bunch of errors with the traffic lights
  • your head now moves depending on which way you camera is facing
  • removed the construction area behind the bar
  • and more
Update 19
  • 10 new admin commands
  • 4 new admin panels
  • Ctrl to shiftlock
  • new Ragdoll death scripts
Update 18
  • removed the speed and jump command (these commands are broken right now we are going to work on fixing them soon)
  • turned off cancollide for the new falling leafs particle parts
Update 17
  • added falling leafs particles to the trees
  • expanded the world boarder around the two new construction areas
  • 2 new Easter eggs here is a hint to find them (better become chatty at a cheeseburger and pizza party) p.s. it has nothing to do with a party anyways have fun finding them i will release more Easter eggs for the next 10 updates
Update 16
  • added a new parking garage behind the bar
  • added bushes in the front of sapphire bar
  • finished the exterior of the the new expansion on sapphire bar
  • added street lights
  • added 2 new construction area
  • new fall damage
Update 15
  • improved the admin commands menu
  • 4 new admin commands
  • improved 3 admin commands
  • improvements made the Device Detection system and map in the test server this week have been added
Update 14
  • Resigned the in side and roof
  • new construction area in the back (more in for on this in the future)
Update 13
  • added 6 new commands
  • added device detection system
  • updated the kick system
Update 12
  • updated the command list
  • rearranged a bunch of the admin commands
  • added NonAdmin+ and Vip+ commands
Update 11
  • 4 new admin commands
  • updated some GUI
Update 10
  • 5 new admin commands
  • removed day/night script (it was buged but i will add a nonbugged one in a future)
Update 9
  • 8 new admin commands
Update 8
  • 3 new admin commands (you can only use the new commands on your self for now)
  • fix the sidewalk were there was a hole
  • removed the viking axes that would make you invisible
Update 7
  • added a admin system for bouncers+ (it is a custom system only has 4 cmds right now but more is coming)
Update 6
  • added a office for the bar manages
  • fixed the the problem where you could not go up to the roof seating
Update 5
  • redid the sidewalks (more detailed now)
  • moved my office to the second floor
  • add a office for the co-owner (BWKing16)
  • made my old office is going to be the security room (coming next update maybe)
Update 4
  • new roof seating for VIP members+ only (for now)
  • new thumbnails
Update 3
  • extended the back area of the bar
Update 2
  • new second floor (for employees only)
  • dj stand moved from the stage to the second floor
Update 1
  • new glass between the stage and the tables and seats
  • added signs over the march so you have a better under standing of what shirt/pants your about to buy
  • removed unneeded scripts started working on not being able to drop thing (to fix lag)
  • bug fixes

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