Gem Rock Render!

Any feedback? (Just figured out how to use lighting lol)


Oh hey it’s Dwayne Johnson

Those look pretty good so far! The reflectance seems spot on, I don’t have any complaints!


Nice! The lighting looks great on them.

very cool render

hey nice joke right there lol

Looks lovely, i love the shades of purple being used with the light blue!

Epic nice lighting try add a tiny bit more details to the crystals

What did you use to make this?

It looks perfect! Keep up the great work!

He used blender (I think) but you could use any 3d software but I recommend blender

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Looks basic, it can use work.

Try experimenting with materials.

  • The render currently looks like it has a black base colour, with no other changes made into the materials.

  • Try adding things that will make it look photo reallistic such as scratches, and a crystal like glass material.

  • The lighting also looks subpar, I recommend learning Color Theory,Composition and Lighting from youtube.

Now for the crystal model feedback

it also looks basic, I can tell you meant for it to be a crystal but the shape needs work. I recommend researching about crystals.

You can also use some modifiers to achieve your destined shape or sculpting it instead.

There are a lot of reference pictures in Google I can recommend those.

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