Gems' Adventure [BETA]

I have been working hard on my :gem: Gems’ Adventure :gem:, and I have added new currency “Power” . Check it out , let me know what you think! :grinning:!/game-instances


unfortunately due to the new power stat, has kinda made visiting your island portal worlds kinda meaningless, you can level up you character much quicker by totally ignoring gems and just swinging your sword in the green sell zone. Otherwise some really good stuff, just need to get everything balanced…


so what if i make the items , that needed to unlock the island first to buy it

you could make it so that more advance items are sold inshops on this islands

  • that would encourage people to explore more? maybe
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Since Roblox is currently broken. it was hard to assess your game.

The building and UI quality is consistently good throughout the game. Unfortunately, gems and islands (a huge chunk of the game’s content) are rendered useless by the fact that, as PotatoVampire said, jumping and clicking in the sell zone will speed up progress much more than actually engaging with the game does.

Other than that, the overall grammar isn’t the best. Never to the point of being hard to decipher, but the frequent use/lack of pluralisation at the wrong time is noticeable.

It’s a good game, quite impressive visually, but some tweaking of numbers or mechanics is needed to balance the game and make it more engaging.