General Bugs with Games on Profile

The first like 60 games are missing from my profile, and are generating extremely weirdly.

The first game should be Roblox Battle Remastered, and it doesn’t even show up. I get this on Chrome and Internet Explorer 11:

Edit: Also worth noting is I tried to press “Add To Profile” to see what it did.

Edit 2: Ok, not having the issue of the page generating weirdly on another computer. Still having the issue of first 60 o so not showing up.

Edit 3: Got the issue again when I set a place active and inactive. :confused:

Looks to me like there is CSS missing, like an asset didn’t load.

Try using the developer console (F12), order by type, and look to see if any CSS files didn’t load.

I’ve been getting this issue too. It’s really annoying.